Hello maintenance or the no-stress apathetic no-diet plan for long term WLS patients.
Tara Costa Biggest Loser Star Sued for Regain

Prove me wrong. I dare you.

  • We have 39 days to reach our team goal.
  • If we raise $89 per day -- we will reach it!
  • We've only received one donation in the last two weeks.  Thank you Julie!
  • We have nearly 3000 BBGC members, and need approximately $3200 to the high goal I set. 
  • That's LESS THAN $1 per member donated.
  • The first $1000.00 came from US - now it's up to YOU.
  • Remember, all prizes earned will be given back to the donators.  Thank you!

Show us your strength.

30 apr 2013 (172)

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