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"Hi Beth, I got an email that BBGC changed to secret but the link didn't work and it is no longer on my group list. Do I need to re-signup? Also, why the change? Not that it matters to me, just curious.
Yesterday, this happened.
I should come with a warning label

It's time for a crash-course in Facebook group admininstration, kids!
If you have a large group on Facebook, don't click the "secret" button.  
You. can't. take. it. back. 

My BBGC group had nearly 3,000 members yesterday when we had a blip moment and I decided to make the group "secret" to slow membership for a short time.  Then, I realized, Facebook doesn't allow you to take your group OUT of secret-mode.  
You might ask:
  • "But, why wouldn't you want a secret group, isn't that a good thing?"
  • "Don't you talk about TMI?"
  • "That means my friends/family can't see what I post!"
First -- we need people to find us -- it's a support group.  What purpose does a support group serve without new members cycling IN and old members helping?  The cycle of WLS support is CONSTANT.  
We're on the internet, nothing is ever private.  Even in a secret group, consider this when posting anything, anywhere, ever.  
Yes, our group happens to be based on weight loss surgery so TMI topics happen in every 4th thread!  
We were always a "closed" group (...until I clicked 'secret') so the only people seeing what is posted in the group were group members.  Your family and Facebook connections won't see your posts about TMI unless they are also in the group.  
The BBGC was never meant to be an exclusive, secret WLS clique.  Because, no.  If you'd like one of THOSE, I can offer suggestions.

Otherwise we wouldn't have 3,000 members from all types of situations.  I apologize for the screw up.  But I do that.  A lot. 
Please find the new link here -- 1100 have already made it over!  
Go on - there's a $100 gift certificate up for grabs --  thanks for being kind.
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