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Bariatric Advantage Ultra Multi Formula with Iron

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From Bariatric Advantage a capsule supplement taken three times a day - with no chewing necessary.
Impressive Stats.
Powerful nutrition in 3 capsules! Our newest encapsulated multi formula is the highest potency member of our multi family of products.
Designed to meet the latest guidelines* just add one of our great selection of calcium products and you are ready to go for the day.
Contains a full 3000 IU vitamin D3, 400 mg Magnesium, 45 mg Iron, and a unique phytonutrient blend to support good health.
You also get at least 200 % DV for all the B vitamins, a full range of trace minerals, and all four fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) in water-miscible forms.
Our new Ultra Formula is a great choice for anyone who wants the benefits of great nutrition with nothing to chew.
  • Via - Bariatric Advantage 
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  • Price - $19.95 for 90, $49.95 for 270
  • Pros - No chewing, everything but calcium is in this dose
  • Cons - None that I can see
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, I am waiting to see if I can handle the size to swallow them - I am sure they are fine.
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