Gastric Bypass Causes Hypoglycemia
Study: Obesity Surgery In Younger Patients Could Reverse Cardiac Problems


I'm pulling out the BOLD Comic-Sans for this one, kids.

Let us "pretend" for a moment that you are a business (or other entity) with a message to send or a product to pitch. You have a large customer base or list and many people on your email list and perhaps lots of methods of reaching these potential customers.

Many of your customers, potential clients, and peers whom actually open emails, read websites and read copy.  Many of us study them.  Many of us have interest in this stuff.

1.  Please spell-check your copy before you publish it.  


Let someone outside of your house read your "PROFESSIONAL" website.

(That's ALL it takes.)

2.  Please consider that we are in 2013 and many people have moved beyond Comic Sans.


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