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Do calorie counts on menus change your ordering?

A somewhat recent study suggests that the addition of calories on restaurant menus does little to effect what a person chooses to order -- caloric ally.  
People still order high density foods -- big fatty fast foods in the drive through -- six hundred calorie cheeseburgers, seven hundred calorie fries, and a Diet Coke, please!   Breakfast is often huge stacks of pancakes, waffles, sides of bacon, upwards of one to two thousand calories in a single meal -- without batting an eyelash.   
As my teenager used to roll her eyes and say - YOLO.  
But, alas -- I not-so-fondly-remember how I gained up to my highest weight and it was before calories became a standard on menus.  I look back at my lots of fast-food and take out days and only wish companies had added this type of nutritional information to at least GIVE ME THE HEADS UP AS TO WHAT I WAS PUTTING IN MY MOUTH BACK THEN.  
Would I have still eaten that 20-pack of McNuggets?  I own it.  
It is likely, but I would have at least been aware of the impact:
Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 8.14.49 AM
And perhaps saved myself some of the drama of my FUTURE.   Ten or more years ago, I might not have been as aware or willing to see the calories of the items on a menu.  I would glaze over them, validate Why I Deserve This More Than A Day's Worth Of Calories In One Meal and then just forget that I had it.  I might have even added on a dessert and forgot about that as well.

Even after having bariatric surgery, these behaviors sometimes cycle back.  I often say that the inner-fat-girl (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE - she's MY INNER FAT GIRL - and I will ALWAYS HAVE ONE!)  will just lapse and lose it.  She'll blank, forgetting that she (ME!) is now a 144 lb "normal" sized woman with a rearranged gut, and try to order all sorts of Big Food That Does Not Work For The Smaller Sized Appetite.  
HELL YES THIS GIRL WILL ORDER 2000 CALORIES WORTH OF RIBS AND SIDES AT ONE MEAL if I am not paying attention and hungry...  And eat three.  People like ME need those numbers on menus.  I need to be shown what is the best nutritional option, because if it is there, I will order it.  
I need:
  • Better, lighter options at restaurants aside from KIDS MENUS because they are ridiculous
  • Smaller portions of typical entrees, because sometimes you really DO want chicken parmesan, but not 1890 calories worth and aren't taking it home!
  • Label ALL TEH FOODS, ALL THE TIME.  I am a food journaler, I actually DO want to know what I am eating. Journaling works.

What about you?  Do you like calorie counts on menus?  Does it change or alter you restaurant behavior?  Does it make you feel guilty -- or worse about eating out?  

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