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Dietary Supplements cause 20% of liver injury

#fattalk - Special K love yourself marketing

I am all about ending fat talk, and fat shaming, and fat bias.  We can very clear about that.

I love my fat people.  I am forever my 320 pound fat girl.  She is inside me.  She has a memory.  She can return at ANY GIVEN time, fat cells have memory.

The issue I take with this campaign is the marketing of weight loss and diet products like the above, "Special K" - by making us all warm and squishy inside - to self promote. 

*side eye to other companies - and individuals in my WLS community that do this*  



It's "bullying to yourself."

It's damaging.




OWN yourself.  LOVE yourself at your size, whatever size it is.  

I also want you to be healthy and to get healthy by any means you choose - but - I do not know whether I necessarily like these businesses tagging diet, wellness, coaching, body wear, etc. products to your curves to make money.  (I know, shut up, Beth.)

You feel "better" (... good enough?) about yourself to do something about your weight, and in-turn buy their product or service because they made you "feel" emotions, a salespitch?  

I watch companies use sabotage as a sales method as well - "love - control - accept your muffintop!?" alongside messages of "how to create the look of six pack abs" no wonder we are confused!  Do not even get me started on plastic surgery.  

I know I am making this bigger than a box of super-refined rice cereal.  

This here is a highly-contrived Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Pitch aimed at make you feel all the feelings.  It's not about the size of your ass.

I don't know.  I am torn.  Again.  As usual.



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