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About quitting.

I quit 'writing my stories' long ago as my husband would call it because I tried to keep my blog totally "on topic."

You see what happened.  Yeah.  I stopped writing.  I stopped writing altogether.  It seems that I only have the urge to 'write my stories' when triggered to write a Something That I Have To Write Down For Myself - not for anyone else.

I am not a blogger who blogs for other people.  I do not blog for you.  I blog for me, or at least I used to and that is why I started writing in the first place.  I lost my mojo for the task of writing because it feels like a chore now rather than a hobby and within the space of the niche I write in, it felt crowded and those who wrote alongside me seemed to want me to quit.

Except I wasn't writing for them.

I wasn't writing for you. 

It was for me.

It's time move on.

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