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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy — Considerations and Nutritional Implications

Note - I pasted most of this article in full from "Today's Dietician" as it is chock full of good nuggets of information and vitamin information - scroll down - I do not own this information the links are all below -  GOOD GOOD STUFF here!  -MM  

Thank you Bariatric Fusion for the tip!

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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy — Considerations and Nutritional Implications.  

All below.

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ISO Product To Talk About

Let's give em something to talk about.

I am in search of product to share.  

Do you have a product perfectly targeted for the fitness, weight loss or bariatric patient that would be just lovely for me to try and to share here and in my 6K girl WLS support group and Melting Mama Facebook page?  Because, I'm seeking product to discuss.  I am looking to get back to my good old-fashioned Pouchworthy reviews. 

Are you ballsy enough to send me something for review? 

Let's see.   My inbox is open.

Stop. Be brave.

What do you do when your voice is gone? Plus being a bully makes your health better, no wonder you look so good.

I have many, many faults.  I know this.  

Yesterday I found myself hockey checked off of a social network for a temporary ban.  Gasp!  Shock!  Horror!  You might think I did something awful to deserve the "jailing" but it sometimes works in reverse on social networks.  When a person outs a wrong or blows the whistle -- sometimes THAT PERSON -- in this case me gets tossed offline for saying the word.  

My theory about this: is that Facebook is so big, so many users, that it's team of eyeballs that look-over-the-things-that-offend-the-people cannot possibly fathom the Things That Offend Each End User Of It's Free Service.  

Even when someone like me -- gets a thinly veiled threat or not at all veiled -- and I re-post it -- I get the boot.

Hell, I could not even follow it.  All I knew is that someone posted they wanted me in the ground - there was a shovel and salt.  AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DID TO DESERVE IT - aside from my last post.  Which is my TRUTH.  MY.  TRUTH. 

Soon, there were two dozen angry rabid post weight loss surgery patients, (some that were former members of my group, some that I did not know) jumping on a hate filled thread on Facebook -- name-calling and wanting me in a hole, too.  Why?  I have the thread.  It may or may not still be going.  I don't know.  It is painful to read.  I was called a bitch, a victim, and worse.

Download For beth aka melting mama

And for attempting to stand up for myself, I am the one in the Facebook slammah.  Facebook's popo clearly can't follow the chain of events and regard my actions as the problem.  The persons whom are actually at fault are publicly posting and GLOATING about their success in getting a person bullied offline.

One is accepting cash donations.  Why?  


So.  Here I am.  In jail.  Eating mush.  Getting violated.

Hey, I suppose I shouldn't knock it too hard, it's free delivered food, free clothes, and a place to sleep, with no kids to bother me - and do I have to pay taxes?  <g>

Might not be a bad idea.  Screw it.

I hope you feel better about yourself today.


  • http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2014/05/12/adult-health-better-for-bullies-than-their-victims-study
  • Because inflammation is an underlying factor in so many chronic diseases, the fact that people in their early 20s are already showing signs of inflammation is a warning bell, Copeland adds. Using data from the larger study, his team will scrutinize other measures of adversity, such as the stress hormone cortisol, and epigenetic changes in which environmental factors affect the way genes are activated. The scientists will also look for biomarkers of more positive methods than bullying through which kids can increase their confidence and social standing.
  • This is why SO many bullied kids are FAT.  STOP IT.

The results of the anti-Beth campaign

It is funny how people are.  When a thing happens and people say things like, "Don't worry, we will always have your back" and how you sort of know they don't mean it.  It is interesting how they will find ways to weasel out of your existence, quietly, so that you do not notice.  

One year ago I attended a weight loss related event and a thing happened.  Friends and businesses alike, sent me all kinds of messages of support:  WE HAVE YOUR BACK AND WE STAND BEHIND YOU GO DO ALL THE THINGS AS YOU ALWAYS DID!  

Edited to add - I also find it curious that these people are always willing to privately hoo-rah me - but never stand up in public after I've supported them for years and years.  I guarantee private emails will follow this.   

And then they were gone.  Crickets, guys.   This coming from the woman who had no less than 30 lbs of free PLEASEWRITEABOUTOUR protein in her house at any given moment - NADA.  I have 6,000 members in a support group and I take Walmart vitamins.  Is selling out --- worth my sanity?  


So, if you're responsible for the Anti-Beth-PR-Campaign because of what I DID on year ago?  (If you don't know, don't ask.)  GO YOU.  Be proud of what you did.  Pat yourself on the back. 

You may have noticed by the slowing-to-a-stall blogging that I lost my mojo.  It was partly due to this, and ironically enough (... and I have said this before)  I am doing "better than ever" in terms of my weight loss surgery life -- which is WHAT MY BLOG IS ABOUT.  

I just ain't got time for fake people.  I got old, guys.  I got teenagers up in here and it's all drama, all the TIME, and who needs adults with drama?  No more.  No thank you.  All done.  I realized a year ago that it just wasn't worth it - and I gave up a lot of things.  I dropped 1,000 people on my Facebook feed and just let go.  I rarely see anything anymore and it is calm.  I tell people it's puppies, babies, puppies and occasional food.

The only problem with this is -- when you no longer are a part of the drama -- you don't get invited to the stuff.   Apparently to get invited To The Things, you need to Be Dramatic.  

Well shit, go me.  And no, I'm not willing to go back.  I kind of like it quiet and calm.   


Life Is Delicious

This Indiegogo fundraiser came through my Google alerts today and I was compelled to click because of this sentence in the press release.

"I don't want anybody to have to resort to weight loss surgery! No suffering, and no death please! I've decided I need to do something to prevent obesity."

That's pretty bold.

If this woman can prevent obesity with a $50,000.00 mobile phone app, LET ME GIVE YOU ALL THE MONEY.  Lets get it done.  We'd win life.

But for now please remember that diets don't work. *And, yes, I know, WLS is not for everyone.  

Nobody wants to hear it.

"There is no risk-free level of alcohol consumption," says Dr. Rehm. "There is always some risk, and the risk increases in accordance with the level of consumption."

Having said that, Dr. Rehm believes that it would be helpful to have low-risk drinking guidelines, written for the public, so that people who are going to drink anyway would know how much alcohol would increase their risk substantially. Such guidelines should recognize lower drinking limits for women and advise against episodes of heavy drinking.

Chef Graham Elliot to Inspire at #OH2014 Conference

Chef Graham Elliot to Inspire at #OH2014 Conference (via PRWeb)

MasterChef Judge to Deliver Keynote at ObesityHelp’s 2014 National Conference With the support of his family, and his friend and surgeon, Dr. Vivek Prachand, Graham had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) in July 2013 at the University of Chicago


Each year, ObesityHelp.com brings together hundreds of conference attendees that are navigating their weight loss surgery journey with a common goal of weight loss, improved health and wellness. There is always a very special connection among the attendees, one where individuals can look around the room and know that others right there beside them understand the stigma of obesity and also understand what it is like to make that big decision to have weight loss surgery.

Whether they are a pre-op, post-op, or a weight loss surgery veteran…someone, somewhere at the conference has been in those shoes and is sure to understand. The ObesityHelp team is proud to say that attendees walk away from the ObesityHelp Conference inspired, motivated, educated and supported!

With this very special connection in mind, it is an honor that the featured keynote speaker is someone that also understands and connects to the community in that very special way.

Please join the conference this August and welcome, Graham Elliot, as the Featured Keynote Speaker.

Graham Elliot is a critically acclaimed chef, television personality, and one of the most recognized faces cooking in America today. He is the two Michelin starred chef and owner of Graham Elliot Bistro and Primary Food & Drink. Graham is a judge on FOX's MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, and the Culinary Director of the Lollapalooza music festival.

At one point, Graham weighed almost 400 pounds and knew he needed help. Graham made the decision to have weight loss surgery in order to regain his health for himself and his family. Graham is married to Allie and has three children, Mylo, Conrad and Jedediah. With the support of his family, and his friend and surgeon, Dr. Vivek Prachand, Graham had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) in July 2013 at the University of Chicago Medical Center and has lost 150 pounds since his surgery.

One of Graham’s biggest goals was to start running. Graham ran his first 5k in Chicago on November 30th, 2013. Inspired by fellow MasterChef judges Chef Gordon Ramsey and Chef Joe Bastianich, his next goal is to run the 2014 Chicago Marathon with his wife and biggest supporter, Allie.

The ObesityHelp National Conference will be held on August 15th and 16th at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. To learn more about the conference or to purchase tickets, please visit http://events.obesityhelp.com.

About ObesityHelp 
Founded in 1998, ObesityHelp was one of the very first online social networking communities and continues to be the premier weight loss surgery community offering resources for weight loss surgery patients and those seeking weight loss solutions for the morbidly obese. We provide a comprehensive program of support and education as well as tools and assistance in locating whatever resources it takes to overcome this life threatening condition. We have an active community that communicates online 24/7 through our website at http://www.obesityhelp.com.