Chef Graham Elliot to Inspire at #OH2014 Conference
Nobody wants to hear it.

Skin skin skin

"Where do you hide all the skin, you look GREAT!?" Exactly. Hide All The Skin. We learn to hide. *peers over at the TV who is currently trying to tell me to #lovemyselfie Shut Up* 


I do not wear my skin-suit out in public because it has never felt normal to me. Certainly some women (...and men) who have lost a ton of weight wear their new skin suits openly and wave their arms like a one-person pride parade to indicate their new found weight loss. 

"Look What I Did! I Lost All This Weight - And Isn't This Skin Just So Much Better Than My Once Morbid Obesity?" 

I never have. Not once since 2004. Once the weight was lost, I felt like a deflated balloon, and covered up with too big clothing and didn't feel comfortable with the wrinkly sack-o-Beth. Even my screen name indicates that -- melting. I called it the melting-candle look, the skin puddles around you when you lay down, to the side, to the front, so "pretty!"

I realize now after making an attempt at actual fitness, that it is possible to change the skin I am in and feel more comfortable wearing my skin in public. However, this takes work on MY PART. You can tell me that it makes no difference what "other people think" -- but If I can't feel okay in my own skin? 

I'll cover up. 

It's not your problem. And why do you care -- they're MY floppies anyway!

Signed, Melting Mama who you will find in the pool with board shorts and a 2X tee shirt from some event three years ago although she really wears a size six/eight.


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