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Don't ever hire movers. Or, just don't move. Don't buy houses. Shout out to Casey Movers of Rockland, MA!

I know I haven't blogged in regular blogs, but we've spent the last two weeks moving -- and move day (s) turned into Hell Week.

This is mostly why.

Thank you CASEY MOVERS of Rockland, MA. (Waits for ads to change)

After a failed "full pack," Casey's "professional packers" left us with truck loads of stuff to pack before our buyers came to the house for their final real estate walk through.  We were thoroughly embarrassed as we packed the last of our household into our own cars in the pouring rain, while the 18-wheeler LEFT US without taking everything.

On move in day, the movers showed up hours and hours LATE.  After arriving, the mover team leader informed us that they "did not feel like" unloading the truck" and were going to go home for the night.  WE WAITED ALL DAY LONG IN AN EMPTY HOUSE AND GOT BABYSITTERS TO UNLOAD THIS TRUCK.  They did not "feel like" emptying the truck and wanted to sleep.  The smell of vanilla cigars OVERWHELMED ME and I was disgusted at the men sleeping in my street in the van.  

We asked that if they were going to LEAVE, please unhook the trailer in front of the property.  They attempted to turn around the 53 foot truck in our brand-new cul-de-sac and GOT IT STUCK.  Then, after un-sticking it, they TIPPED IT OVER!   

  Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 1.26.18 PM

The driver BROKE the brakes!  Dragged it over boulders!  What on earth!  

After two giant truck winches and tows, they left our household belongings in the street overnight and unpacked the next day.  What a way to meet our new neighbors.  Glad that some are lawyers, right?  

The final bill for $$$$. $$ plus MORE than anticipated arrived today, and they want to confirm and release us with our payment in full, you know, because their tow-costs are near to the costs of our move.  Please.  

I've documented all of this on social media.  I didn't realize how bad it was until it was already happening.  

After unpacking, realized that MANY of our belongings were broken, including the couch, and king size bed.  Is this because they just wanted to rush the job?!  

Many of the workers tried to sweet talk me personally, as a woman, and I get the feeling they work for cash tips?  They kept repeating how they "felt bad for my situation, and it wasn't their fault," because "they are pressured to work fast" and how many of them "are just day workers."  Great.  MOVE WITH ANOTHER COMPANY.


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