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Today is the day we give babies away.

I totally gave her away today.  Bob had an odd day off - and I seized an opportunity to leave the house without the infant.  I had been holding her, calming her and feeding her for hours and she wasn't letting me put her down at all.  When she was tanked up and relaxed, I screwed out of the house and went to get a haircut.  Not only did I get a haircut, I got a freaking latte.  (Oh, I'm so very bad.) 

Though she was "good" while I was out of the house (because I was only gone just under 1.5-2 hours), she made up for it later today.  It's Auntie's birthday - so we were going out to dinner.  I brought the babe in, and figured I'd just keep her happy in my lap and get through the meal without disaster.  Not so.  She wanted to nurse, and I couldn't get her latched on comfortably at the table, and it was hot, and covering her wee head with a blanket gets annoying.  Of course, having complete strangers gawking at me because I'm ::GASP::  "feeding a baby" in a public area is not very pleasant either, so I try to avoid being obvious.  It wasn't working out, and then she made The Most Ginormous Fart.  The Fart led to The Poop, and The Poop sent me out to the vehicle to change her.  Noone would have noticed that she even "went" in the restaurant, seeing as her poop smells quite like the alfredo sauce everyone was eating.  :-P  It bothers me to let her sit in it - since she goes so often, so out to the car we went.  I changed her, she lost her mind, she we ended up sitting in the car for the remainder of dinner.  So, I had a light meal, eh?  I ate a crust of bread dipped in olive oil and some hard romano cheese.  This entire affair tired me out, so I didn't make it to the grocery store.  Phooey.  I'll do it tommorrow - She Lets Me - since I also have an eye doc appointment, new glasses time.   (Oh, and they're B1G1 - yay for sunglasses!)Na_versus

-MM, who wishes should could just "go" once every couple of days.  Oh, to be a baby.

the young cones have taken over.

repeat of yesterday.  apparently, she does not like the early evening.  figures, because that is when the kids need me.  ::sigh::  just tonight, we blew out three diapers and had a spit up that soaked her entire head (she doesn't ever spit, "gotcha, ma!") in about two hours.  she's now finally napping - but - where?!  I laid her down in the crib and she cried so hard she nearly hyperventilated.  "Mama, she is really red."  I can't get anything done in full.  though - the dishwasher comes tommorrow!

help. i'm not mrs. duggars, send me a nanny.

can't so much type.

cannot utilize asdf & jkl; in correct fashion with one hand due to cranky non-fetus.
wouldn't be difficult *if i did not also have other kids seeking help.
realizing how an "only" child wouldn't be so bad, get over it.
wishing spousal person did not leave house at 7am and not come back until 13 hours later.

Don't you want to read more about poopy diapers?!

Why do Luvs' Brand Diapers smell like babyish smells, sort of like Baby Lotion?  (I secretly like the smell of a fresh, new diaper, ssh.)  I've got three different kinds of disposable dipes over here, and the the Luvs are definitely the smelliest *pre-baby* bum.  They're also the cheaper of the brands, so tell me, are these chemically altered diaper smells going to my brain?  Screw it.  I like the smell.  It covers the baby cheese odor just for a moment, anyways.  My four year old told me yesterday that  "Baby _______ (she'll get a nickname soon, once I'm comfortable calling her anything else than "little chicken") smells like potato chips."   Hey, potato chip poop will do.  It's better than the alternative poop odors, right?

(PS.  Dana wants to know if they're load-worthy.   Hehehe.   To tell you the truth, *this* baby poops constantly - and the diapers don't get a chance to get loaded up, she makes dainty squirts, but nearly hourly or with every feed.  We haven't had blow out yet.  We did have a leak, but, I have to tell you, this child is very little, and she's wearing size ones that probably are unneccessarily big right now.  I don't know what she weighs - but she's probably somewhere in the seven pound range and the size ones are a bit big still.)


That reminds me,  I totally have to take the nudie baby pix before she looks any older.


Burn, baby, burn?


Dsc_0025 Breastfeeding burns calories.  Over 600 calories a day for breastfeeding women who don't supplement with formula.  600 calories!  That's like getting two hours of aerobic exercise each day.  A study published in the Journal of American Dietician association shows breastfeeding melting off inches around your hips and buttocks.  The reference is below.

Summary: Mothers who breastfed exclusively or partially had significantly larger reductions in hip circumference and were less above their prepregnancy weights at 1 month postpartum than mothers who fed formula exclusively.  Author:  Kramer, F. Title:  Breastfeeding reduces maternal lower body fat. Published in:  Am Diet assoc 1993

Check-up - Weight Gain & Vitamin D...

The baby had a check up today, mainly to monitor her weight gain.  She's up about six ounces in a week, and the pediatrician was pleased with that, and shooed us away until the one month visit.  Like a good girl, she peed on the doc when he pressed her belly. 

He also recommended vitamin drops, to ensure that she gets enough Vitamin D.  I asked him if Vit-D was transmitted via breastmilk, because I am Vit-D Deficient and I'm supposed to take high level supplements (I need more) and he said that it is, and that she definitely should take vitamin drops.

"Breast milk has been found to have only trace amounts of vitamin D, even when the mother gets the recommended daily allowance.  Recently published medical studies have shown that without a vitamin D supplement, about 35% of babies will have low vitamin D blood levels, also called pre-rickets.  Conversely, vitamin D has been shown to virtually eliminate rickets and pre-rickets in breastfed infants."

Ruined my favorite food.

Just when I'm getting the tiniest bit of "diet" motivation, I sit down with my Breakstones Cottage Cheese for a healthy breakfast, and I decide to read about why the baby is full of, uh, poop.

Cheesey, I know.

Courtesy of Ask Dr. Sears:


If lots of stools come out, lots of milk must have gone in.

  • In the first few days, infants' stools gradually change from the sticky black meconium stools to green, then brown. Within a day or two of mother's milk "coming in." they become "milk stools," which are yellow and seedy--the color of mustard and the consistency of cottage cheese.
  • Between week one and week four,  babies who are getting enough hindmilk will produce at least 2-3 yellow, seedy stools a day.  Because breastmilk is a natural laxative, some breastfed babies produce a stool with each feeding, which is a  good sign that baby is getting enough milk. When a baby has only two or three bowel movements a day, expect to see a substantial amount in the diaper--more than just a stain.

So, then I had a Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup, because it doesn't look like baby poop.  Log THAT in Fitday, chubby girl! 

Lovely Whats-her-face?

Just so you know, she really didn't have a name at first.

We were "settled" on Eloise, with either Marilyn, Catherine, or another familial name as the middle.  I even ripped out a page from the Parents magazine I was reading in very early labor with the cartoon character "Eloise" on it and posted it to the wall as my focal point.  If you don't know, Eloise is a precocious little blond girl from New York who lives in a hotel, and I adore the book series.  Eloise was a perfect name, because I could call her "Ellie" which is the nickname I was looking to use.  Also, it sorta commerates a great grandma - who was Louise - and so forth.  Fast forward to the birth.  (Birth story inserted here.)  She's born.  I look at this shrunken peanut of a child who resembles an old lady. She's tiny.  So tiny that I can't imagine putting this ginormous old lady name on her.  Ellie works, but Eloise immediately felt old and wrinkly, and she's newborn and wrinkly.  I had the nurses write it out on a few pieces of paperwork, and on her baby bucket it read "Baby Girl B."  Fine.  The next day, I'm pacing the hall with the baby bucket in tow, and I read the baby names on each maternity room.  Ella, Ella, Eva, you see where this is going... I finally get to "Kennedy's" room near mine, and laugh because "Regan" (not Reagan) was on my mind for just a moment, and decide this baby needs a different name.  I go back to our room (which is next to ten pounds of Zoe) and tell Bob that we're picking a new name, "Pick one."  So, after rehashing what we could remember of my list - and arguing over the usage of a family name as a middle name, since we were going to double up and use two, but they didn't sound at all okay together.  My reason to Bob was that this baby didn't match the vision I had of her in utero. 

Besides being an alien, I pictured that little blond Eloise in the cartoon (who looks suspiciously like my four year old) and Eloise fit that vision.  This tiny little chicken-pecking brown haired blue eyed non-alien needed a different name.  So, who is she?  It's a mystery, Scooby-Doo!  I did actually pick one from the many lists.  It figures, today, someone already screwed it up and I now have a little boy baby in a pink cassat.  Nice.  Ah well.  I saw THAT coming.

The name is at my "space" - posted for friends or email. 

All present and accounted for.

Ssh.  Baby sweeeeeeping.


Okay, we're all home, all mostly healthy*, and I'm busy "not doing any housework for four weeks."  Yeah, uh, right, where in the hell do they get those rules?  (*I promise I'll write more later.)  On blog topic - I did step on a scale in the hospital post-birth, and all I know is that I'm under 200 lbs.  I let the scale slide down - and I decided I did not want to know the exact number yet, because I couldn't get my  new pajama pants up and over my still six-months looking belly and had to wear a hospital gown the entire time.  (Look, it hurt.  Bad.)




Came to the hospital this morning to get checked out for a dizzy spell, the OB admitted me for observation for elevated blood pressure, so I'm here, I'm locked up, and getting the big induce tommorrow morning.  Whee.  FWIW - I thought the blood pressure was really low, and making me dizzy.  Ah well.  It's not that high, really, she is probably just putting me out of my miseries.  (Thanks!)  I had no idea there was internet access here, and I'm already stir-crazy, but I'll check in tommorrow post-birthing if I can.  Night!

I'd like to buy a vowel.

I was peeking at my hospitals' birthing unit page, and of course I had to check out the babies born this month.  Looks like letter "A" is the big winner right now, and I guess Ava is uhh, popular?  Gawd.  No Ava, Ana, Aubrey, or forms thereof for me, then.  This child's preschool class is going to be all vowels!

Ally, Alyssa H, Ava D, Emily C, Mia D, Ashlyn S, Chloe E, Ella M, Shea D, Sophia P, Camryn T, Maggie L, Angelina R, Charlotte K, Keira L, Shea B, Ava Z, Emily M, Janna H, Paige S, Ana C, Evelynn M, Alexa G, Meredith H, Savannah F, Taylor H, Sofia F, Aubrey F, Ava M, Grace M, Kaitlyn D, Taryn L, Alexis, Ava, Rachael G...

Oh good gravy, September is WORSE. 

Kayleigh, Hailey, Hailey, Hailey, Ella, Eva, Ava, Isabella, Olivia, Abigail, Anna, Emma, Emma, Emma!

I guess I should be thrilled, that the names I picked out TEN years ago while pregnant with my first daughter, and EIGHT years ago with my son, that BOTH OF THEIR FREAKING NAMES are on the list MULTIPLE times now for newborn babes in 2006.  I tried to be unique?!  Unique?!  Even my sons' first and middle name combination is on the list in the same way, a few times.  Eww.  I guess this is how names recycle - in 5 to 10 year rotations?  Should I then pick something that I think will be NEVER popular again, like, something that was popular when I was born in the late 70's?!  I thought I was being safe, picking unique OLD LADY NAMES from the early 1900's.  Nope.  They're totally being recycled right now.


Baby ________.

We've agreed on a suitable back up first name since the one I really liked had such a "make-fun-of-me-please" teasing and taunting factor with our last name.  Of course any name has the potential to be made fun of, including the one I have in mind, this one is more likely to be like, "Ooh, you're an, uh, old lady!"  So?  Anyways - I am now trying to pick a phonetically correct middle name choice.  I found a GREAT message board for naming buffs before, and I cannot find it.  It was the kind of board you could post a name and just get all sorts of advice and alternatives from folks who are obsessed with names and naming.  Where did it go?  I should have saved it.

Update - found it.  Nevermind.  It's a pay-to-post board.  Screw that.

I suck blood!

pregnancy calendar
So, it's 38 weeks, Friday The 13th.  Supposedly 14 days to go.  I'm running out of womb.


I went to the blood doctor today for my IV iron, and guess what?  I made blood.  Muhahahaha.  I asked the IV nurse for a copy of my blood chart since I didn't have any numbers for the OB appointment yesterday (my files don't follow me, apparently?) and I was pleasantly suprised to see that my hematocrit went up four whole points.  (Of course it means I have less reason To Feel Like Pure poop, but... I'm technically healthier!)  Look @ normal vs. me levels:


Female:  37 - 48%
Me:  31%!


Female:  12-16
Me:  9.9!

Those are the highest levels I've had since, May?  Of course, subject to my level of hydration, but I can't imagine I'd be dehydrated enough to screw the numbers up THAT much.  So, what have I done differently?  I started drinking espresso in the form of lattes nearly every day this week.  There, that's the cure!  Other that that, nothing, because my food intake has drastically decreased in variety because more foods are making me physically ill, I'm eating less variety.  I have no idea how many calories I'm taking in, but it's still way more than necessary considering I'm still AT my self-imposed weight limit where I've been for weeks and weeks, which means calorically I must be eating enough to maintain this Slightly Less Than An Elephant status.  I'm sure the better blood is probably just the result of  four (plus?) weeks of IV iron therapy, but I'm going to lay blame on the espresso.  The IV bag and espresso look the same anyways - sheesh.



Bob2 The "baby" furniture arrived this morning, bright and early.  I'm lucky I didn't get in the shower as I planned as soon as I pushed the kids out the door, because that big yellow delivery truck was backing into my driveway just before 8am.  Now it's "baby" furniture because we decided against baby furniture.  We got a typical dresser with mirror, chest and nightstand set that is slightly girlish and that we plan on sharing between the girls when and if we move anyone back in with the baby.  (Right now we've set it up so that the baby gets her own quiet space, and her sisters have the biggest bedroom downstairs where they won't be bothered and won't bother a sleeping infant.)  Even if they don't shift rooms again, we're always short furniture, and one dresser is never enough for kids' clothes, they always end up everywhere anyway.  I haven't figured out if we're going to be able to utilize the top of the dresser for a changing table yet, but if I can fit a changing pad on it, I'll use it for a few months anyway - then we're going to have to move elsewhere because it's not as deep as a table would be.   I actually haven't been able to FIND a pad, in two Wal-Marts and two Targets.  (Just another irritation.)Pad

For half a second I considered giving the additional chest to my son - since he could use one, but it's such a matched set, and I'd like to go back and get him the funky metal set at IKEA where we got his metal bunk, probably for Chrismahkwanzakah or, uh, tax refund day.  I love tax refund day, and this year, a new deduction.  :-x

Anyway, I should be doing more nesting.  Today is 37 weeks - or what can be known as "full-term."  The baby should be big enough and smart enough to come out and play.  This weekend we have a wedding to go to - but I haven't figured out what to do with my dress.  It's wrinkled to hell and there is no care tag to let me know if I can wash or dry it.  I don't normally wear anything without washing it first, and I loathe the smell of "new" clothes.  I'm not motivated because I don't want to put it on.  Grr.  I also need to get my nails done - they're getting bad - and of course I'm sitting here with The View and avoiding it.  It's funny - I have Just Enough energy to get through spurts of activity, and I crash.  Give me a minute - I'll go.  Ugh.

We've got a head.

...and it's attached to a very healthy baby girl who turned her little ass around and is in the correct position for some birthin'.   Yay.  ::throws confetti::  She measures 37+ weeks, around 6 lbs 8 oz, shows lots of activity and seems perfectly fine.  During the ultrasound we were able to see her yawn and swallow which was pretty neat in itself.  She's got fat little cheeks, a button-nose, pouty mouth and lots of hair (of which I can't tell, but the tech was all "see, right there, she's got lots of hair!")

Only thing the OB said today was, (after she asked if I'm still consistently getting my IV iron treatments) is:  "call if you go into labor or your water breaks, otherwise see you in a week."  Now, we hurry up and wait.  She was happy to see that the baby had turned, because I'm so much better off not having a c-section with my anemia.  She says you lose about a liter of blood with a section, and I said "well, that's not good..." and she said especially not with how little I actually have... so, whew!  So, I can go into labor normally, and have a normal midwife attended birth (well, technically...)  That's it - we wait.  And... wait.

Time bomb.

If you're having your first baby, you think there's this magical moment when at 37 weeks, you're officially holding a full-term baby hostage in your body, and, BAM, it's time to kick the fetus out.  You quickly realize that it ain't happening, and you hit 41 weeks.  It's just the way it is.  Supposedly as you have more children, you gain the realization that babies come when they want to, and there's no changing that fact.  For someone like me, who's never actually gone into a spontaneous labor on my own, I don't think I'll ever have the moment of "Oh my gawd, it's time."  I've had three induced labors, at 40+ weeks, 39 weeks and 38 weeks, all for medical reasons to sort of control the side-effects of the pregnancies (all of which were related to my obesity) and I've been lucky to have three nearly normal vaginal births while under a midwives' care and a few assorted OB/GYN's as needed.

This time, of course I assumed that it would be the same, with a probable induction near-term for whatever reason (which was usually high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat) and that would be it.  I don't think that's going to happen anymore.  I go in for the big ultrasound tommorrow, to check the size and position of the nameless fetus, and we'll probably go home with a "birth-date."  I may actually have to have a c-section, not because of high blood pressure or obesity-related problems, but because she's wedged upside down and not moving into a good position for birth.  (Figures.)  So, again, no "it's time" moment - another "planned" birth.  So every time I have a pre-labor symptom at this stage, I think, "What if THIS is going to be labor, right now?"  Today I had one of those typical early labor issues, and then I'm mentally preparing the list, "Well, if ________ and _________ happens, then maybe something IS happening."  I know it's unlikely, because it's never happened, but you still wonder, even after three births.

All I was trying to say is that now finding The Name has become an obsession.  I have this fear that I'll spout something horrible under the influence of post c-section painkillers and deathly anemic and forget that I had a list of suitable names. 

Again, it's unlikely, but there is a chance this baby could be here anytime from now on.  She's juuuuuuust about at that "magical" date --- and if the docs see fit to pop her out, she's out, with no name, no diapers, no sheets and I've got to get these things done, damnit!

I'll have a new name poll up soon.  Argh.


Why did I just get a "free gift for you" in my mail today from Similac?  I don't sign up for these things.  I've never used Similac Baby products, either, so it's not like I'm on their mailing lists from any other baby or anything.  Who sold me out, man?  Why not sell me out to companies I'm going to use, uhh, PampersMotherwearHuggiesDesitin! or Boudreaux's Butt Paste?!