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What the hell did I eat today?

Perhaps instead of thinking about food journaling before the fact, I could assemble a list of what I actually did eat at the end of the day?  That way there is nothing to live up to, no rules to break and no worries!  Right?

It pains me to pre-plan.  I have a planning block.  I cannot do it.  Even if I am given a list of "eat this at this time to succeed," I won't.

As a bit of a check-in, I haven't gained any more weight. 

This place is my body's stopping point.  It just IS.  This is the weight I was in 2006 when I got knocked up with Tristan, and it's just where my body gravitates to when I just Eat What I Want Within Reason.

Yes, it is overweight, pushing obese, but it ain't no 320 pounds. 

To change, I have to drastically reduce intake, exercise or both.  Given my energy level and the fact that I am holding my eyes open every day by 4pm until bed?  That's funny shit right there. 

I was chatting with another post op who happened to take Topamax, and she asked if I felt compelled to move, go... do things on it.  Yes.  I used to say that I had to Walk Off The Tingly Feet.  I did -- I would walk miles.  Since stopping that drug, I immediately got sleepy and headachey, and walking for exercise is laughable.  I am screwed up and can't just WALK without getting dizzy and woozy.  I try, and I'm stopping to shake THAT feeling off.  Sometimes I really miss the Topamax (noIdon'treallythatiscrazytalk) just because of that whole insta-weight loss part.

So.  What DID I eat today?

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