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This morning we went out to breakfast and I post a photo of my meal on Facebook.

I sometimes do this, often to The Greater Distress Of The Internet.  

I asked the waitress for a "Egg White Veggie Frittata" though she didn't ask me white kind of anything I wanted with it -- so it just CAME with white toast.  I would have asked for extra MEAT on the side or whole grain toast.  So, this is not my normal, I don't typically do white bread.  That said, What You See Is What You Get.  I Ate Teh Foodz.  I also ate, not shown, two slices of bacon, after tossing aside the nasty-ass turkey bacon that was offered with this frittata.

The internet gets distressed when Weight Loss Surgery Patients Eat Teh Food.  The SOLIDS.  The Not A Shake.  

We hear --

  • "Did you really eat that?"
  • "Can you eat that?"
  • "Should you eat that?"
  • "Can you really eat white bread?  Eggs?  Bacon?  Vegetables?  ______?"
  • "Did you really use butter?"
  • "OMG, COFFEE?"
  • "Wait, you use CREAM?"
  • "What, no PROTEIN SHAKE?"
  • "Wait --- THOSE ARE CARBS!?!"
  • "OMG TOAST?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!"
  • "I thought we could not have bread?"
  • "But, I was told no TOAST?"
  • "My surgeon told me no BREAD FOR LYYYFFFFEEEE!!!!"
  • Etc, etc.. so forth, so on.  

I have been getting these comments for as long as I have been blogging my intakes on the internets.

I had one person even offer the suggestion that my epilepsy (at the time, not diagnosed...) was Due To The Fact That I Ate Carbohydrates More Than She Was Suggested.

Here's a couple of  random suggestions, y'all --


#2 - Some of us are many years post op, and food happens. Ask around, do you know many 5-8-10 year post gastric-bypass patients that subside on meal replacements?  <crickets> Right.  "Things change."  And, even though you may be TOLD that you are going to 'live on 1/4 cup of solids three times a day,' uh... that doesn't happen.  I am sorry.

I rarely share the reality of what actually goes in my gullet these days because for one -- it's so boring -- and because, wow, some of  Y'all Are Judgy!  You have to realize, at pushing nine years later -- it's back to food!  It's normal life!

Tell me.  What are you eating?   Are you willing to SHARE?   Let's start sharing.

Beautiful as I am ...

Beautiful as I am May Faith Photography - Click for FULL SIZE

Leslie Carpenter, owner of May Faith Photography in Vancouver, WA, created this powerful photo on Saturday, August 11th. Carpenter said, "I did this from my heart. I did this so every woman, every girl will know it is OK to BE YOURSELF. Be beautiful as you are." Her photo has gone viral in only 3 short days, with the goal of having the original image shared 10,000 times. 

"Will you stand up against bullying?"

Read more:




Teresa?  I guess you could call this MY Botox-face.  BAHAHAHAHA.


Today was about 100,000 degrees in my neck of the woods.  Yesterday I failed to find appropriate summer clothing for myself.  So today -- I SWEAT MY ASS OFF while visiting with my niece today near/at the ocean.  


My face tastes like salt now, hours later after being to the water and sweating to death.  I am headed to the shower, but I wanted to sit here in the QUIET AND NOT HOT-NESS for a very long while, which I did to upload photos.


I am not very good about the heat.  We took the kids for ice cream, and I got a baby-scoop size of no sugar added low carb maple walnut death, and UGH.  It really amazes me how two ounces of chemically altered food and be so cruel and unusual to your gut.  I know better, I know that regular sugar-sweetened desserts treat ME better, and so I pay for it. 

While considering a sugar-alcohol and heat stroke induced coma, I think I found a sugar daddy.  But, it's awfully hot in Texas.  And, I'm mapping the route in my head, that's a REALLY LONG BOAT RIDE.  Never mind.


Oh well.  Someday I can get a house on the water, not a house ON the water.




The flowers from last weekend's wedding center piece.

They smelled AMAZING all week long, except that it was like a funeral home. I love them, they are, friendly?

So, hey there.