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Go You Chicken Fat, GO!

I have two sides to my feelings on this ad:

I am oddly intrigued by the fact that I do not utilize my own iPhone this way. I just throw my music on at the gym and GO and it is not as nice and edited as the Apple advert makes it seem.

The other half of me wants to scream and yell at whomever THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA -- honestly by tugging-at-the-childhood-fears of the fat kid who heard this little song you added to the edit as a kid in elementary school?  I am too young to have known about it, but I am that fat kid who failed the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. The "kids" that would recognize it are not the "kids" shown in the ad -- clearly.  They are the next generation maybe.  

Because what the hell is CHICKEN FAT?

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

Hold the Press Releases, Suz!  

How do you go from not paying your taxes, failure to ship orders since 2011, closing your store, foreclosure, shutting down all communication to... THIS?

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MM iPad

I got an iPad for my birthday. My birthday isn't until December 1, but the kids gave away the surprise that was *to come from Dad, and I landed a gift early.

My quick non-tech blogger blog review:  <shrug> 

It's a big giant iPhone, which I used to have, and liked alot.  The iPad is quite unneccessary INSIDE a house with a functioning computer, since I prefer a computer with a keyboard to do things on. 

I find that the only extra option I have used (so far, unless you recommend things useful?) ON the iPad that I didn't have before is the option to take a movie away from the desk.  I can go watch a Very Small Netflix movie in bed if I really want to and totally fall asleep because I can't stay awake for any length of time if I lay down.  I suppose it will be super-nice to have to take with me on trips away from home - instead of my teensy half-dead laptop. 

The size is still a bit awkward to carry with you -- it's not small enough to just throw in your pocketbook -- but I know I will anyway.  It needs a case aside from this magnetic thing that I've flipped around it and dropped at least ten times.

And, no, I'm not blogging on it.  I've become a BIT more adept at typing on it, but the autocorrect is not my friend yet.  I remember this, the Gastric Byparse Blog.

Now guess who figured out the Product Features of the iPad first?  "Tris, can you show me how to make a video?"