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The grass, being greener, it's all pretty much the same isn't it?

Today is Mr's last day of work.  I don't know if I mentioned anything (did I?) because it seems ludicrous considering he just got this job, I know.  But, he resigned. 

The company was extraordinarily nice to him about it, asked if there was anything they could do to make him stay, and he had to really, really think it over.  This has been quite a process.  Please note, he's not crazy.  He is actually just going back to his former job, but in a different location seeing as they had to replace him.

Why?  From where I sit, I know that a big part of it is truly the commute.  He went from a job in the town WE LIVE IN to a very large town more than one hour away with traffic.  He was used to getting up and going to work just a few miles away, to getting up and leaving early and getting home late.  I told him he was crazy to take it in the first place, even if he money seemed better, it all washes out. 

I know lots of Moms + Dads commute and work far away from home, and work long hours, so apparently he was spoiled and it's not like he's making millions to make it worth being away 24/7. 

I tell you right now that if I landed a job say....pimping out dark chocolate!? in the city, for $XX,XXX a year, I would haul MY sorry arse to the train station at 5am if I had to, and I know lots DO, and that's why they have the big shiny houses not bought from a foreclosure sale, childcare and Range Rovers, too.  ;) 

Meet the Real Housewives of Massachusetts, right here.

He also got used to the opportunity to get HOME at the drop of a hat if I needed him, and the fact that I did not drive for a year, I really needed him to be available to get a sick kid, etc.  And, it's always a reality here...

I am sure I told you about the police coming to my house because I did not answer the PHONE last month or so?  Yeah, well.  That happened, and he couldn't get me by phone, email or checking in, so... he thought I had a seizure and died. 

Other than the obvious -- I think he was a bit underwhelmed or bored?  The thing is he needs to be busy -- and like projects and troubleshooting.  Sitting in a big, old-fashioned style bank, I think he was twiddling his fingers waiting for things to go wrong.  (I know, it sounds nuts.)  Consider the location, he should have been thankful he wasn't taken hostage, but he's got a few hours left.

So.  It's over, and things are left on a good note.  He starts back to his old company on Monday, everything will be the same just with a new location and staff.  After things get sorted out, he will be back to writing his own schedule and perhaps being available to us more, again.  It does work out a bit favorably, with a match in the pay he took to leave, and cutting the commute down, he's increasing his income.  With him working where he was, there was NO way I could consider taking on anything even part time (unless the above situation happened) but with this one, there's at least a slight opportunity.  Of course it's pretty unlikely with no extraneous child-care, but, I like to know that I have a LITTLE bit of time to consider it, you know... if the Willy Wonka company calls me.

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.  ~Ralph Waldo EmersonDSC_3019
We had a birthday here today.  I don't understand why we bother (any of it really, but...) to prepare the house or anything.  You would not believe the destruction and trail of mess from a few hours of kids here.  Mr. was washing the wood floor this morning before impending doom.  Makes sense, right? 
The positive:   I estimated exactly enough pizza.  Every slice gone.  Woot.  Again, the talent I possess for estimating pizza and groceries in a cart, amazing.  HIRE ME!
(My eleven year old 'painted' faces - including what was supposed to be "Mickey" on my niece.  O-o)

Not a soul touched the salad, a few poked into the huge delicious fruit salad.  I'll be eating that all day long tomorrow, picking out the melon to eat ... and the berries to throw in my blender.  I forget how much I like it when it's FRESH and there.

I have to share WHY we had pizza though, even though I have, in my possession dozens of burger buns.  While shopping for the party, Mr. found a DEAL! on burgers, "Check these out, they're <little money> a box!"  He buys like, six cases of the "beef patties."

(Practicing for pageantry or, uh, something.  She said it was, "Princess of the MOUNNNNNNTAIN.")

I note, days later, while digging in the freezer, that the "patties" aren't two all beef patties (specialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun)  the ingredients read:  "beef, beef hearts, soy filler....etc."  WTF?!  THESE AIN'T NO BURGERS!  They are like, hot dogs?!  EWW.   I'm not cooking those.  No how.  No way.  Yeah, I have the burgers still here, I wasn't about to run back to the store with a million burgers and say, "you sold me roadkill," but... blech.  So, we had pizza.

(Note the flying NERDS candy.   I filled this with non-chocolate candy, so I wouldn't scavenge it myself.  :)  ...)

We only had two injuries!  The inflatable water-slide fell over after the boys were being too rough on it, and knocked my niece on her knees, and scraped them.  Then, the boys went out to 'wrestle' and two kids (that I don't really know at all) ganged up on another and sucker punched him HARD in the gut.  He was sniffling and hyperventilating, and Mr. got down and asked him what happened, and the kid was all, "I (sniff), got (breathe) hit (sniff) really (sob) HARD...."  My son came over and said that two boys were really rough with him, and he felt bad, but, he didn't want to fight back.  BOYS.
Which is why I didn't get any photos of them, they never sat still.


"Happy belated birthday!"  Except.  I sort of knew.

(That's not feigned surprise, I'm holding a big. knife.)

I opened my Facebook page the other day, and it wasn't mine, it was his, and it said, "Beth's Party RSVP."   Doh.   Foiled.  In fact, I was cleaning up a bit in preparation.  I was sort of freaking out, because I knew there was to be a party here, AND THERE WAS NOT A STITCH OF FOOD.  He had it catered by Moe's

(She's being very. very. difficult.)

Of course, too much, and I will be eating pintos for days.

(Em, who got out of her jammies to come over to her favorite Uncow Bobby's house.  She is obsessed with her pj's.)

Not a big deal.  He did surprise me by the timing, I thought we were having folks over at 4:30-5pm, and I came home from my haircut to a house of people in the early afternoon.

(Jennifer and Ava.)

Also - the gift:  You may have noted that I have been using my gift.  The camera warehouse that he purchased the camera package from called here and told me, the recipient, that "they cannot ship to the address provided because it is not the billing address on the credit card given." 

Yes, BUT, what do you do in the case of a GIFT SENT TO SOMEONE?!  Do people NOT GET GIFTS?  I thought maybe because of the cost of the product - but - that can't be the reason - people get things sent to them daily on someone else's dime, what bullshit. 

However, I was not about to argue this point, I was just "Sure, you can send me a Nikon D300!  I'm all over that!  Thanks!  But, you totally ruined the surprise FOR MY GIFT."

"Oh, was it for you?"

"Um, yeah."


(Whatever.  So.  I have the new camera.  Woot.  I am a little overwhelmed by it, like I said in another post, I need a class, I will find one, I'm not able to just point/shoot as easily as I was doing before.  I will get it, just need some time and understanding.)

Anyhow, thank you everybody.  :)

Time to warm up some beans.

What's on your wish list?

My camera flash (?) is going, going, dying.  I haven't taken many photos lately.  It's time to stock up and get some done before it dies completely.

This morning I asked the girls what they wanted for XMAS from Santa. 

My six year old said, "A motor scooter."  Oh, well, that's not happening.  She did also ask for roller skates.  Good, and a TV, and...and....and....her two front teeth.

The baby says, "Bye bye Papa car, and Eh-mo."  Good.  She's easy. 


All I want for Xmas?

What did you ask Santa for?

Me?  I immediately thought of intangible items.  I wanted full brain function back.  I really, really want to be able to get the kids to functions/after school activities, and obvious things like to GO TO THE GROCERY STORE, go to the doctor, dentist, anyplace! 

I have another six months again before this is even a possibility, so Santa, if you could arrange my brain neurons to QUIT FREAKING OUT I would totally appreciate it.  

Otherwise, I'd like a...

s i g h


We had a party today in advance of my daughters ten plus one birthday.   I am not old enough for a child that age, let alone one nearly as tall as me, but anyway, it's happened, and today, we partied.   Photographic evidence is here.

I like them this big, they don't roll away, run away, throw sand, and bite their cousins.


These ones do.





(Michelle, I know I was supposed to call you today, but I now I have two extra girls in my house, one of which is Extra Loud Variety, and they won't be quiet.)

it's a baby.

it's a baby., originally uploaded by bethography - melting mama.

6 lbs.  15.6 oz
18.5 inches

A head full of blond curly hair + bluish eyes.

The sweetest face and the hairiest baby body I have ever seen.  He is absolutely covered in blond body hair. 


Oh It's Happy Fuddah's Day?



I know it's traditionally celebrated by waking up to either serving Dad breakfast in bed, or more like (or more honestly) going out for a big breakfast or brunch.  Oops.  The Dad in this house wakes up and eats a protein bar so - there's no feeding him breakfast in bed - unless the kids sliced a bar into bites and placed it on a doily or something - it ain't gonna fly. 

Not only that, it's usually left up to The Mom to do the Hallmark Moment Shopping - and I am sort of unable to get it done right now.  I can only get to a store when Dad is home, on his days off currently, because?  I can't drive.  And, I am shopping?  With his damn money.  I mean, I have "always"sort of been shopping with his money, but now it's like, so obvious that I have no paycheck at all, so buying a "Father's Day Gift" with his money in front of him, is ridiculous.  (Yes, I am aware that "his" is "ours," but it's just weird, buying a gift for someone if they're standing next to you, so I didn't, and I won't, so he gets crap.)


My humor really appreciates this today.  Happy Father's Day all.  (Bob is off with his kids to the movies to see The Incredible Hulk.) This is from this week's PostSecret:Dick



The meeting went really well.  He's talking very positive about it.  Very.  There is the possibility of one more, with more Important People, but it could also not be necessary.  I'm glad to hear him so positive, let's hope it translates into an o f f e r.  He thinks so - but... one never knows.


Rain, rain, go away.

Today, begins spring vacation for the kids - which means the RAIN for days is Highly Exciting.  Tomorrow, the boy turns eight years old, and we're going to get together for his requested dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and peas.  (That's exactly what he asked for.)  If you think I'm frying chicken, um, no.  I can't take the smell of most any food cooking - oil in a pan isn't happening here.  Other than that - we have a boring week, with a couple of doctor appointments for the kids, and one for me.

I'm having a bone density test done, for which the appointment secretary told me to call my health insurer to make sure they would cover this procedure, because "women your age just don't have this done."  I won't call, because I don't want to know if they won't cover it, because then I won't have it DONE at all.  The cost of these procedures is highly prohibitive if you know them beforehand.  We just paid a $700.00 bill for the MRI which wasn't fully covered!  I believe we're at the max for the deductible now, so hopefully things will start getting paid, aside from the obligatory 10% we pay on everything.

In "career" news, I'm waiting on the other half of my last paycheck.  (The blog post is at MySpace as I consider how much of a douche I need to be.)  Since this kind of poop only happens to me, I've already filled out the paperwork for non-payment of wages.  At this point, I'm so cynical about managers/employers, that I can't waste time with idiocy and excuses, been there done that.

Although, I did go on an interview Friday.  Of course I say it went really well, they all pretty much do, but there was a test.  A Math Test.  I can ace any 100 Question Personality Profile, but do not give me long division and no calculator.  I felt again, as if  I were doing my third graders' homework, which as you know, freaks me out, because it's been that long since I've done it.  So, if I hear nothing in regards to this position, we know exactly why.  ::giggling::  I came home and told my husband that the interview was fantastic, and the woman even asked me if I'd consider something bigger and better, but.... I, uh, can't multiply on paper.

There's been no discussion regarding my husbands' chance at getting that job - it still hasn't been posted for applications internally or elsewhere.  (I keep looking at Monster, because that's where they seem to hit first!)  His former manager's last day in that capacity was Friday, and it's being temporarily babysat by another manager at her level until the end of this quarter.  I'm still really crossing my fingers for him, because the timing could not be better.  I would immediately stop looking for work - and just be at home full time and get cracking on college.  I could still work, part time, but he'd be more of a necessary presence and on the road more often that I'd need to be home, at least for a while.  And, being at home without guilt would be nice for a while.  I could potentially, hold off the job hunt until the "pending issues" are over, because I'm not sure how favorable it would be to tell a new employer that I need time off to go to court regarding an ex-employer.  I'm sure it looks really good, right?  </sarcasm>

Old (man in) skool.

After seeing me consider going "back to school" online, my husband went ahead, applied for and has started college.  ****er.  Well, I can't say I don't blame him, because his company is paying for it.  My classes would not be paid for by anyone but, uh, him, so I'm torn about going forward with it because I don't want to create debt.  Debt will not help when it comes time to sell this house and move, we need everything paid off because we're going to take a loss on the house.  If he got promoted (still a long shot - keep your fingers crossed) I could focus on getting the house sold and then sign up for classes, and not worry about working Right Away. (If you're wondering why the fuss about the house - keep in mind, I'm in 800 square feet of living space with Four Kids.  We do have two "downstairs" rooms, but they're only bedroom space.  Save Me.) 

So, anyway, the point of this?  I'm proofreading his damn homework.

Happy half-century, Old Lady!

Yeah, she's probably going to kill me. But, I know she's reading this right now. 

But, think about it - who else can look so good and be a GRANDMA of FIVE?!  (I have a niece, NO I didn't just have another child.)  Yeah, the kids still don't think you're a "grandmother" - they say things like, "but, she doesn't even have any grey hair!"

If we weren't full of snots and virus all week long, I'd have baked a cake!   

No snow is good snow.

A bit of spring., originally uploaded by Bethography.

So, it's all sunny and poop, this, on January 3rd. I'm loving it. I hate snow. The kids are pissed because they love to play in the snow. I prefer dry land and warmer temps because it's an excuse to get out for a walk, and if I've got to bring kids with me - at least two of them can keep up with me on bikes. You can't really accomplish that in the ice and snow. I don't get enough walks in - because my four year old isn't able to keep up or last very long. She'll flip out and cry halfway out, and having to carry her home has happened, and I refuse to do that again. So, snow, stay the hell away, I want my walks. (Ignore the fact that I have a treadmill in my house, just sitting, I hate using the thing.)

He's not supposed to grow up and stuff.

DSC_0174, originally uploaded by Bethography.

Oh good gravy. I just found this photo from a holiday party we were at. I don't upload everything to Flickr - mainly because it takes too long. But, this one makes me sad, he's getting old. Of course he didn't make this pose for ME - I get the sweet baby faces - he did this for his sister holding the camera. Gack. I can just imagine this on the playground at school. Eww, I hate "big" kids. ::giggling::

Happy Birthday Miss C!

Nine years ago today, I had a baby girl.  7 lbs.  12 oz., 20.5 inches long, with a little bit of brown hair and very blue eyes.  She was born one week after her due-date, with a scheduled induction, at 3:58pm.  Labor was pretty uneventful, though right after her birth, we realized she was a stubborn girl.  She held her breath and turned a lovely shade of blue.  After doing that, and making several doctors poke and prod her for signs of a problem, she checked in to the NICU for five days of all expenses paid intensive baby care.  I still believe to this day that she just wasn't ready to come out into the world.  We were very lucky that there wasn't anything wrong with her, and she's been a healthy girl.

I have a giant under-bed box filled with photographs from basically then until now, and she was looking for a picture of herself for a school project.  The pictures were at one point all organized into albums, but we had a flood in the last house we owned, and much of what I did have got water damaged, and I had to remove and save what was left.  The pictures ended up in boxes, and have yet to make it into anything more permanent. 

I think my daughters' teacher does something on each childs' birthday to make them special for the day - and it requires a photograph.  She looked in that box for over an hour last night, looking for the perfect one.  She didn't explain if it needed to be a baby picture or a current one, but she found both.  She found several photos of herself as a newborn, and told me without a doubt, that "this is Baby _______, why are her pictures in the box?"  (Baby _______ is her new baby cousin, and we have a little pile of new pictures of the baby out, and she's been looking at them.)  We then realized that this new baby resembles her as a baby - and she really couldn't tell the difference.  She told me at least three times, that those pictures of her as a baby are really just the new baby, and there's just no way it's not.  She knew that the pictures of her own siblings were not her, because they don't look as similar to her as the new baby cousin does.

So, anyways, Happy Birthday To Miss C.  Nine is Divine.  :-)

Appy Hanniversary.

My oldest daughter asked me yesterday morning, "Where are you going for your anniversary?"  I told her, probably nowhere, since it's Monday, a workday, and we really didn't make any plans.  I probably should have made at least dinner plans, because then spending my anniversary in the birthing unit triage would have been more of a disappointing evening.

I mentioned the other day that I've been having lots of contractions, especially in the last few days.  Yesterday, I found myself pacing because they were actually starting to hurt.  Once I noticed that I was hanging over a windowsill because of a contraction, I called the OB's office.  I went in, had a Fetal Fibronectin test done, and scooted up to the hospital for some fetal monitoring.  The FFT came back negative, which means I'm unlikely to give birth in the next two weeks.  It's like eight weeks too early for any of that business, thank you.  The nurses kept me on the monitors for quite while, and they did see lots of contractions, though they were mild and didn't get more painful.  The fetus seems fine - since she was beating my uterus senseless with some serious movement.  Bob was watching the monitors velcroed to my belly, and the baby was making them shake, rattle and roll.  I wondered even if what I was feeling might have been "the move" from breech to head-down.  Her heartbeat got lost twice, as she moved away from the monitors, and my belly seemed softer in the upper area where she was lying.  I'll never know if it was it, since we didn't have an ultrasound.  I am still feeling mildly crampy, but there hasn't been anything else beyond what was bothering me before to suggest a problem.  Unless something shows up on the urine culture, I just have to get used to be being uncomfortable.  I'm going in for a re-check on Thursday for the results of the culture and to see if anything has changed for the worse.

It looks like we have half of a name.  At least a possible middle name.  That's progress, right?  I figure if she's perhaps coming a wee bit earlier than a full eight weeks from now, we should pick a name, and maybe start getting some things together?

And, yeah, it was our anniversary.  Seven years - whoa.  (Well, seven years married, many more years actually together before that.)  The nurse on duty last night said to us, "You guys look so young, it's like you're having your first."  I just laughed.  Bob says to her, "I'm getting old, I'm almost thirty."  Her voice got real quiet, and she tells us that there are some moms on the floor that are thirty, thirty-seven, forty, and so-on, just having their first babies.  She's all like, "But, just think, when you're that age??"  I'm all, "Yeah, I could be a grandma."  ::shiver::

Do you take this woman to be your chubby bride?



I don't have any photos of us together, because it's usually him or I holding the camera.

Happy lucky seven year anniversary.  :)

Help Me Jeebus.


My son is obsessive about being in control of the remote control for the television.  This isn't just here at home, he'll try to gain domination over anyone's remote.  If you can't find the remote - he's probably placed it in his bed, generally under the pillow, safely tucked in.  Most times, we're stuck watching Power Rangers S.T.D. ("It's S PEE Dee, Mama!" until he digs the remote out of a hiding place, I find it, or we shut down everything until he brings it back and nobody watches anything.  He'll record every episode of the chlamydia crew onto TIVO and then watch and rewind during the shows, so we're seeing a lot more Power Rangers than we need to.  I don't know where he got the idea that he's the King of the Remote - maybe it's because he's the only boy here and the girls have allowed him to do it for so long?


So this morning, I've been trapped on CBN.  How CBN got on my screen, I'll never know.  Maybe it was the healin' power of Jeebus comin' through the screen to touch me. 

Turns out the kid didn't hide the remote.  He walked away, got involved in something else, I didn't see the remote right away, waited for him to come back since I wasn't actively listening anyway. (I was making breakfast and fiddling around)  Then came a point, I just couldn't take it anymore.  For $20.00, I too, could help.  When the 700 Club first came on - I didn't really know what it was, it sounded a lot like a news program, which I wouldn't mind watching, normally.

I watched a story about a high school valedictorian who had the mic shut off because she started spewing about how Jesus got her where she is today.  From CBN:

"Valedictorian Brittany McComb is on stage to deliver a speech, which highlights God's influence in her life. But when she tries to mention how Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, all of a sudden her microphone goes dead.

Is it a faulty outlet? A power surge? No, the school pulled the plug...literally!

John Whitehead heads the legal organization representing McComb. He said, "She had the microphone pulled, something that only happens in totalitarian regimes."

McComb knew the microphone would be shut off because she had to submit a copy of her speech to the school. They warned her not to read her version or they would cut off her microphone.

CBN News obtained a copy of the speech. The school cut out this part: "God's love is so great that He gave His only Son up to an excruciating death on a cross so His blood would cover all our shortcomings, and our relationship with Him could be restored…" They cited that as 'identifying a particular religion."

They also didn't like the part where she wrote "that is why Christ died." They also crossed out a part where they believed she was proselytizing. She wrote: "I can guarantee 100 percent, no doubt in my mind, that if you choose to fill yourself with God's love rather than the things society tells us will satisfy us, you will find success, you will find your self-worth."

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, but for now, don't do that in a public school setting, mmkay?

Anyways - we're safely away from the Bible Network and back to the loving arms of Nickelodeon where we belong, so it's all good.

But, before I go back to the Fairly Oddparents, perhaps?!

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Who was obviously so not the valedictorian.