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Prove me wrong. I dare you.

  • We have 39 days to reach our team goal.
  • If we raise $89 per day -- we will reach it!
  • We've only received one donation in the last two weeks.  Thank you Julie!
  • We have nearly 3000 BBGC members, and need approximately $3200 to the high goal I set. 
  • That's LESS THAN $1 per member donated.
  • The first $1000.00 came from US - now it's up to YOU.
  • Remember, all prizes earned will be given back to the donators.  Thank you!

Show us your strength.

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High Protein Coffee Giveaway - Closed

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 8.59.12 AM

I like Chike. <-- GO READ MY REVIEW.  
The winner is ...
Particularly when it is pushing 100 degrees outside and I have little-to-no appetite and must get my high-quality protein in.  An ice-cold refreshing coffee drink packed with protein is amazing -- either poured over iced or made in the blender.

I thought we should give some away today.  Want to win a canister of Chike Coffee Flavor and a BlenderBottle?
Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 9.06.26 AM

  • Go like Chike and let them know I sent you!  "MM + BBGC Sent Me To Like Chike" 
  • Leave a comment on this blog post so I can pick a winner!
  • Your prize will ship from Chike.  G'head.  Share, win.  The more love, the more prizes next time.

That is all!

Thank you!

Katie Jay Keynote Speaking at Southcoast Center for Weight Loss - Video

Katie Jay of was the keynote speaker at an event at Southcoast Center for Weight Loss in Wareham, MA yesterday.

She is amazing.  

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 7.00.39 PM

Thank you, Katie.  

Here we are -

150 patients returned to the Southcoast Center for Weight Loss Saturday for a reunion as the group marked its own milestone: 3,500 patients since Dr. Rayford Kruger launched the unit nine years ago.It is now the largest and busiest bariatric surgery program in New England, with three surgeons who perform about 650 procedures at Wareham's Tobey Hospital a year.


Big Train Fit Frappe Skinny Chai Triple Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 2.55.40 PM
I have THREE to give away! Enter now!

Check out the latest gourmet flavor extension of Big Train's Fit Frappé ® protein drink mix line: Spiced Chai Latte.

With 21 grams of protein, just 2 grams of sugar and only 130 calories, Big Train's Fit Frappé Spiced Chai Latte drink mix tastes as delicious as it is easy to make.


Big Train's chai products are legendary and this new skinny chai option does not disappoint. Enjoy Fit Frappe Spiced Chai beverages three ways:  Hot, Iced or Blended.

CLOSED - Bariatric Vitamins Building Blocks Giveaway, Times THREE!

Thank you!  CLOSED.  Picking winners now.

  1. Michelle M -
  3. Carrie P. -

Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 10.49.12 AM

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Mini Squee - #YWMconvention #OAC

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 7.36.08 AM
On October 27th, 2012, during the Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" Event at the Hilton Anatole
, there will be another first: the first annual OAC Awards!

Your friendly blogger was nominated in one of these categories, and I am thankful to you for that.  Thank you.  And, really, thank you.

I will be present at the events, dinner, ceremony, and of course the Walk From Obesity with at least $6000.00 in donations from Team MM + BBGC.  

Have I mentioned that there is still time to donate to Team MM + BBGC and I do not see your donation in yet?  

Go ahead, I will wait for you!

Thank you - and see you there? 

There is still time to register for the OAC event!  

Do. not. miss. it.

 Join the OAC event on Facebook!



Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 8.01.32 AM
About the OAC Awards -

The following awards will be presented during the OAC Inaugural Your Weight Matters National Convention:

OAC Advocate of the Year - This award is given to the OAC Member who has lead the charge in taking on National, local and state advocacy issues. This individual should be a tireless advocate to advance the cause of fighting obesity and the individual affected by obesity.

Community Leader of the Year - This award is given to an individual who continually works in their community to advance the cause of fighting obesity. The recipient should be an individual who actively engages their community or with their constituency in spreading awareness of obesity and encourages others to get involved in activities that further the mission of the OAC.

Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member - This award is designated for the individual OAC member who is an active membership recruiter in the OAC. The individual is a regular membership promoter and continually encourages membership in the OAC.

Outstanding Membership Recruitment by a Physician - This award is given to the Sponsored Membership Program participant (physician) that has recruited the most new members in the OAC in the 12 months prior to the Convention month. The recipient of the award has encouraged membership in the OAC by purchasing it on behalf of the patient.

Bias Buster of the Year - The OAC’s Bias Buster of the Year is awarded to the individual who has lead the charge to put the OAC on path to effect change in mindsets, policies and public perception of weight bias. This individual is both proactive and reactive in responding to weight bias issues and is an example to others on how to get involved as a Bias Buster.

OAC Member of the Year - This is the OAC’s highest honor and is awarded to an OAC member who goes above and beyond to help the OAC in its efforts to achieve its mission and goals. This individual is an exemplary OAC member and continually represents the OAC in impacting the obesity epidemic.


The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is set to host a ground-breaking educational convention on weight and health, the Inaugural “Your Weight Matters” National Convention. Join them in Dallas, October 25-28 for this ground-breaking Convention that will answer all your questions about weight and health! For more information, please visit


Winner picked! Team MM BBGC Walks From Obesity - Giveaway #4! About Time Protein


The winner is Rebekah L.!  Thank you all!  Watch for the next contest - later today!

I am heading to Dallas, Texas in October for the Obesity Action Coalition's Inaugural Event and I am super excited about it. And, to top off the event, we are having a Walk From Obesity!  

Please consider (once again, because you are awesome, and we have raised thousands of dollars before!) a small donation to Team MM and the Bariatric Bad Girls Club?  

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I need your help, now!


It's again Walk From Obesity time!

This is my seventh (eighth?) time walking for the Obesity Action Coalition.  

I was the number one fundraiser LAST time we walked!   And the time before?   And before.

I'm looking at a goose egg this time.



  • If each of my feed subscribers donated $3 - I'd hit my goal
  • If each of the people that landed on my blog donated .50 - $1 - I'd hit my goal.
  • If each of my Facebook Fans donated $1.50-2 - I'd hit my goal.
  • If each of my BBGC Group members donated $3-4 - I'd hit my goal.

What I mean to say is I can so do this - please help!  You don't have to drop a lot - drop a $1.   

The Walk from Obesity is the only event that brings together those who are directly affected by obesity. Our team's participation in this event is key to raising funds and drawing attention to obesity and the need for treatment and prevention efforts. 

We need your help to reach our fundraising and participation goal!
Please join our team or make a donation today.

Any contribution will help the work of the ASMBS Foundation and Obesity Action Coalition and all donations are 100% tax deductible.


Year End Gift Matching for NEDA

Sharing from NEDA -

When it comes to fighting eating disorders, the National Eating Disorders Association is your friend, your ally, and a valuable resource. Contribute your year-end gift now and it will not only do a world of good, but also will be matched by Board member and founders, Don and Melissa Nielsen. This is your last chance to have your gift doubled in 2011!

Donate now:

We are so grateful on behalf of all of those who will benefit. Your gift helps to fund the NEDA Helpline, a safe place to call for those taking their first steps toward recovery. Contributions also support our NEDA Navigator program, providing support to family members new to an eating disorder diagnosis. And, in just two months we will be hosting the 25th Anniversary NEDAwareness Week, the largest eating disorders education and outreach effort in the country.

In short, your end of the year gift will provide individuals and families affected by eating disorders with the resources and support they need. For them, you are truly providing the greatest gift of all... hope.

Give the gift of hope today.

Wishing all of the NEDA family a happy and healthy New Year,

The National Eating Disorders Association