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Don't you hate it when you walk into a conversation Already In Progress, and you're immediately aware of who "they're" talking about?

I keep doing it, inadvertently and of course sometimes on purpose.

An example of a purely random event:

On my way home from an appointment a few weeks ago, I stopped to buy baby wipes and feminine hygiene products.  I  was headed to pick up the baby from the sitter, and I figured it would be easier to stop and pick some stuff up without the kids. I walked into one department of the store, and was looking for "Diet Rockstar" when I heard chatter between a few women working there. 

It was just completely out of left field, I knew immediately who they were referring to without even saying names.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  I stood.  I stared.  (At the shelves.  At product.)  I thought to myself in rapid succession:  "No, there's no freaking way they could be referring to someone.  No.  Wait.  They ARE.  WHAT THE ****?  How do they?  How is it possible?  No." 

It confirmed my suspicion, when one of the three used the name in the end of the conversation.

Employee #1:

"You know that sort of new manager who works here?  Well, he's not really new, but I don't know him that well.  Have you had to work with them yet?"

Employee #2:

"Yes!  Why?  Do you have a problem with (this person)?  Because, I have to tell you, I think there's something really creepy about (this person)."

Employee #3:

"Oh my goodness, I thought it was just me.  (This person) makes me feel very uncomfortable, and I find myself avoiding a conversation with (this person)."

Employee #1:

"But, what are we supposed to do if (this person) is in charge of us?"

It continued into more detail, and then I interrupted the conversation by asking one of the employees where I could find the baby wipes.

The women didn't know I'd listened in on their discussion.  They should know, that I understand the frustration.  If I'd have had the balls to do so, I may have casually entered into it, but I was terrified I'd be heard.  It's likely they would immediately have shut up also, thinking they would get in trouble to bad-mouthing people they're supposed to listen to and follow direction from.

We know why he's smiling.

Yay, it's Sunday, that means...

It's Post Secret Day.  (I know, I'm lame.This is just also a little jab to let you know, I am in need of your secrets.  I'd love to figure out a way to get the really fantastic post-card type ones up, since they seem to convey the messages much more intensely than a single email.  I suppose if you're not psycho, I could let you mail them to me directly, but, that's just asking for nutjob attention.

Example of, from Post Secret this Sunday morning.

Air your dirty laundry? (I knew I could smell something.)

Hypothetically speaking:

If a media outlet were to want to publish your "pending business," would you allow it?  What would be the precipitating factor in allowing it?  I only want to hear from genuinely interested people here.  What would YOU do? 

Okay, let me clarify - I'm not talking about going on Dr. Phil to discuss WLS or something, that I would do, in a heartbeat.

I mean, airing dirty laundry.  Would you willingly let your story go public?

Featured Post: Weighty Secrets.

For you.  Go, see, spread a word.  Plant the idea in others' heads, let's see what sprouts. 

What goes there stays there.

Weighty Secrets is intended as a place of release, to create a haven for you to express those things you wish could tell someone, but for whatever reason you feel you cannot. Here, you can anonymously disclose your secrets, fears, confessions, doubts, + deepest desires regarding to matters of your self before and after weight loss surgery.  Revealing your darkest innermost secrets about these issues is intensely comforting to others, because, it helps to know that "you are not alone."

Click Here To Send Me Your Secrets. Your email is private and deleted after I post your secrets on the blog. Feel free to use another email address if you're concerned about more privacy. You can get free emails at Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Find me on MySpace and send me your secrets. Mailing address for postcard + letter secrets coming soon.

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We've all got something to add, I am pretty freaking sure of it.

What about you?

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