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 In the wee hours of the birthing, I forgot that I did not give the girl any privacy, and took photos of the gooey sticky baby mess.   I just plugged my camera in, and lots of amniotic fluid filled my screen, "Mmm, that's a yummy breakfast."

What I did not know, is that dog amniotic fluid?  Is GREEN AND BLACK sometimes, because they carry more iron stores than humans for all of The Puppy Load.  When she was pushing, we totally called a vet, assuming she needed assistance for "The Infection, The Green Fluid, It's Infected!"

I should have drank it. 



Anemia Girl.
(PS.  Click on any to enlarge, you can see the full size gooey-ness at Flickr, I know they do not fit in the 400 px. here.  This is my biggest peeve with this website.)


Freshly new.




I totally missed the entry for the Arts festival.  I was entering this cropped and matted photo, and another of a flower, and my daughter was entering a painting, but the entry timing and my not driving didn't work so well:

Ending the parade.

We went up to see it today, and she was thrilled to see her former Art Teacher (and mine as well) selling his wares, the Bird Mansions, check these out




, originally uploaded by bethography - melting mama.

We were in the car, and Dad left to go run into the bank for a second. THE TEARS ENSUED. But, she was really cute all of a sudden.   I happened to have the camera.


Hollydazed Card Hell 2007.

One of my SILs had set up an appointment with the woman who photographed her wedding last year, to take some shots of all of us and the kids for cards or gifts this Christmas. 

(She's the woman who took this photo of us and my really pregnant belly, and some really gorgeous shots - but I don't think they're online anymore..)


So, I brought my camera along, figuring I might get one shot of all my kids together at once (unlikely) that would be card-worthy.  Ha.  Right.  As if.  It didn't so much happen.  I think she may have gotten a few shots that aren't cringe-worthy, but... mine?  Take a look...

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From this weeks PostSecret: Judge

I know I'm very guilty of doing it. 

I'll even sort my groceries in MY cart so that anything that's not particularly healthy doesn't show. 

I refuse to even BUY any junk, especially if my children are with me, because I do not want the  opportunity for someone ELSE to judge me by what is in my cart.

What about you?  Do you inadvertently judge other people by what's in their shopping cart?  Do you feel bad for the obese person who's just filled their cart with frozen dinners and Little Debbie snack cakes?  What about the mom who's loaded it up with sugary cereals, Kraft Macaroni + Cheese and hot dogs?  Do you shop any differently if you know you're being judged?  I'm totally guilty, so what about you?

Women At Large - A Photo Gallery by Laurie Toby Edison.

I came across a  photographer's website + blog this morning via Google's Web Alert I have set up for the term "gastric bypass" + "weight loss surgery." 

Loving Our Bodies from the Inside Out

I wasn't sure as to what on her web page triggered the link to her site, but when I visited her pages, I found this(Not Safe For Work.  Could be misconstrued as something else.) 

When I opened the first page, I was immediately saddened. 

I really shouldn't - this is someone's art, her photography, but I couldn't help it. 

I immediately saw myself and many of my peers, there, in her photos. 

The photographer says, "I show the disappeared, I make the invisible visible."

I dug into the blog, and found the piece that Google sent. 

It's a part of notes for a speech from a "fat activist", Heather McAllister:

"I have long held the position that there is never a good enough reason for someone to get weight loss surgery. And I can’t say that I’ve changed my opinion on that. But there are people I know personally who have had largely positive experiences with the surgery, and I can’t ignore that reality. In trying to answer this very complicated and highly charged issue for myself, where I’m at right now is here: If we hold that it is never ok to get WLS, then we as a movement have failed our sisters and brothers who do choose surgery. We haven’t done a good enough job of providing another option for “supersize” people who have every imaginable pressure on them to have this invasive, expensive, dangerous, and typically unsuccessful procedure. And I am concerned that a lot of the criticism of people making a choice to have surgery is coming from people for whom WLS is not a serious concern, specifically, “average” or “mid-sized” fat people. If we continue to refuse to listen to the personal truths and stories of people who have had or are considering bariatric surgery, we are truly failing as activists and more importantly as human beings. I can and am extremely critical of WLS and at the same time I need to make myself open to hearing about the experience of people who are much fatter than I have ever been and why this feels like an option to them. And I need to do it without an attitude of condescension and judgment. I don’t have to support the decision in order to support the person. It’s tricky but it’s possible and it’s crucial. This issue is only going to get more important and we have got to stop hiding our heads in the sand and not talking about it, and creating an atmosphere of hostility around people speaking their own experience."