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Roasted Pureed or Mashed Cauliflower

One of the best substitutions for a white potato is cauliflower.  A serving of the cruciferious veggie contains under 30 calories and 5 carbs!  By using cauliflower in dishes like mashed "potatoes" -- you dump a huge amount of carbohydrates -- which is beneficial for a bariatric surgery patient as we are typically restricting our intake of the blood sugar spikers.

And, cauliflower tastes really, really good, when you put stuff on and around it.  <g>

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Pureed Reduced Fat Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Greek Yogurt


Don't hate on the squash.  Have you ever had a good creamy butternut squash soup?  This is one of the. best. things. about fall -- warm soups -- and squash makes a spectacular base for soup with very little calories.

     "But I can't PEEEEEEEL it."

You can be lazy (like me) and buy squash pre-peeled and diced in the grocery store, and it's almost the same?  <inflection of voice there> 

Also, you can buy it frozen in chunks, or blended in solid squares!  (Those are special.)

But, my favorite way...

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