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So it's been a minute.

I signed on with a company to do a monthly product review of bariatric-approved products. My first product arrived this weekend, and in the spirit of full disclosure before I even start the review I have to tell you (...before I laugh, cry, or other?) that I hand-picked the first product because I know I like it. It's something I used to promote back in The Day of Blogging.  (I do not know when the day ended, but it's no longer that day.) 

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.22.32 PM
The reason I am oversharing with you -- is because -- when I sniffed around the blog to find the first post about said product and it was written or even re-written MORE THAN EIGHT YEARS AGO.  Guys.  This means I could have written about this item nine or ten years ago and I am about to throw it back in your faces because I am:

  • Old As Hell  (Did you figure out how long has been?  Because I just had a minor heart failure.)
  • Still Around  (Sorry?)
  • Crazy ( still be around?  LOL)
  • Hungry?
  • Have Five Kids To Feed And Free Product Sounds Amazing Right About Now
  • You Pick

What's worse?  I deleted the initial URL for whatever reason, so the copy and paste of my words is showing up online in scraped feeds on other sites. Or on sites I used to frequent.  

I just wanted to know how much this stuff cost back in ye olden days.  (Yes, this is how I think.  Post tomorrow.)

Your Friends Are Liars: Truth Behind Facebook UPDATES.


Via Fast Company - "A new short film called What's On Your Mind? illuminates some of the problems with being hyper-aware of what your friends are up to. Taking its name from the question at the heart of the status update field on Facebook, the film begins with a man comparing the forever-unfurling highlight reel on his computer screen to the comparatively drab confines of a night in with his girlfriend. Everything he sees devalues his reality, eventually driving him to just make some shit up in order to seem less lame--to himself, as well as to anyone who might be paying attention. He is validated in return, with a substantial number of "likes." From here on, the differences between what's actually happening and "what's on your mind?" begin snowballing, in ways that range from subtle lies to wholesale fabrications."

What do you do when your voice is gone? Plus being a bully makes your health better, no wonder you look so good.

I have many, many faults.  I know this.  

Yesterday I found myself hockey checked off of a social network for a temporary ban.  Gasp!  Shock!  Horror!  You might think I did something awful to deserve the "jailing" but it sometimes works in reverse on social networks.  When a person outs a wrong or blows the whistle -- sometimes THAT PERSON -- in this case me gets tossed offline for saying the word.  

My theory about this: is that Facebook is so big, so many users, that it's team of eyeballs that look-over-the-things-that-offend-the-people cannot possibly fathom the Things That Offend Each End User Of It's Free Service.  

Even when someone like me -- gets a thinly veiled threat or not at all veiled -- and I re-post it -- I get the boot.

Hell, I could not even follow it.  All I knew is that someone posted they wanted me in the ground - there was a shovel and salt.  AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DID TO DESERVE IT - aside from my last post.  Which is my TRUTH.  MY.  TRUTH. 

Soon, there were two dozen angry rabid post weight loss surgery patients, (some that were former members of my group, some that I did not know) jumping on a hate filled thread on Facebook -- name-calling and wanting me in a hole, too.  Why?  I have the thread.  It may or may not still be going.  I don't know.  It is painful to read.  I was called a bitch, a victim, and worse.

Download For beth aka melting mama

And for attempting to stand up for myself, I am the one in the Facebook slammah.  Facebook's popo clearly can't follow the chain of events and regard my actions as the problem.  The persons whom are actually at fault are publicly posting and GLOATING about their success in getting a person bullied offline.

One is accepting cash donations.  Why?  


So.  Here I am.  In jail.  Eating mush.  Getting violated.

Hey, I suppose I shouldn't knock it too hard, it's free delivered food, free clothes, and a place to sleep, with no kids to bother me - and do I have to pay taxes?  <g>

Might not be a bad idea.  Screw it.

I hope you feel better about yourself today.


  • Because inflammation is an underlying factor in so many chronic diseases, the fact that people in their early 20s are already showing signs of inflammation is a warning bell, Copeland adds. Using data from the larger study, his team will scrutinize other measures of adversity, such as the stress hormone cortisol, and epigenetic changes in which environmental factors affect the way genes are activated. The scientists will also look for biomarkers of more positive methods than bullying through which kids can increase their confidence and social standing.
  • This is why SO many bullied kids are FAT.  STOP IT.

It's not about a number.

I'm not a shopper. Since I work from home, I rarely get new clothes.

The other day I noticed that New York + Co had a 50% off everything sale and went in. The saleswoman said to me, "You look like you'd rather be anywhere but here." 

I told her that I am not fan of clothes shopping, and she called me "Cute," and "Small." 

Small. Snort.

I laughed, and realized soon why I have so much dismay for clothes shopping. THE FITTING ROOM. THE LIGHTS.

THE VARICOSE VEINS. I have the legs of an 80 year old woman.

It's not about SIZES or the number on my scale, because I am nearly to my lowest weight.  I reached my lowest weight just after one year post op, I hit 149 pounds for one day and regained immediately.  

I am 156 pounds today.  

I still don't like the melted candle puddle of skin that I have -- nine years later. Full honesty, I am FINE with it once I am wearing appropriate undergarments and everything is in it's place, but even in a size 8P (I also bought a pair of 6P) - sometimes you feel like a puddle of flesh.

It's not about a number.

Hello Internet, I am stranded in Texas. #OACConference #hurricanesandy


This one time in Texas... I got stranded because of a little hurricane.   I live in MASSACHUSETTS.

I left my house to attend the Obesity Action Coalition last Wednesday morning -- and unknown to me, there was a hurricane coming in.  I am now trapped in the Dallas area until the planes can fly again.  Whelp. 

Luckily and thank goodness, I was saved AT THE TICKET COUNTER by a friend who lives here in the local Dallas-area, otherwise I would have been left in a puddle in tears AND SLEEPING ON A COT IN THE AIRPORT FOR FOUR DAYS.*

And, if you know Beth, she does not do very well without...

#1 - showering.  #2 - sleeping.  #3 - monies for coffee. 

*See also - no RX epilepsy medication. Very, very, BAD.  I had enough medication for a few days in case of emergency, but not HURRICALYPSE!

I almost lost my expletive deleted at the counter, and I was saved.  I also have my emergency supply of medication filled. 

*Thank you.  Because.  Really,  I would be on the floor in the airport for the majority of a week.

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

Hold the Press Releases, Suz!  

How do you go from not paying your taxes, failure to ship orders since 2011, closing your store, foreclosure, shutting down all communication to... THIS?

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How Do I Know If I Am Overweight or Obese? Thank you The Weight Of The Nation.

Everyone is watching the documentary The Weight of The Nation.  It took over my Twitter stream, since it's full of RDs, dieticians, nutritionists, weight loss related Tweets who clearly are promoting it, and... OMG.

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 7.18.16 AM
 I have yet to watch it, as I am afraid it will spawn 69268 angry blog posts.  However, clicking around their accompanying web site this morning (because you know I will watch it...) I am finding some nicely "written for everybody" information.

So here, let's start with this!  Am I fat?  Yep.  Aw, hell.  I am obese.

Height: 5 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 169 pounds 

Your BMI is 29.9, indicating your weight is in the Overweight category for adults of your height.  For your height, a normal weight range would be from 104 to 141 pounds.  (Um.  Kiss my fat ass?)

As an Adult, How Do I Know If I Am Overweight or Obese? 

Weight of The Nation -

  • Weight and height are used to calculate a number called the "body mass index" (BMI). For most people, BMI is a good estimate of body fatness.
  • A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight.
  • A BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.
  • To find your BMI, try one of these BMI calculators:

For example, if your height is 5' 9" and you weigh between 169-202 lbs., you are considered overweight; if you weigh over 202 pounds, you are considered obese.

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 7.07.56 AM
The CDC  BMI Chart tells me that my...

Healthy Weight - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!

And I stab my eyeballs out.

From the archives - Hoarding, Hoarders and Inside-Outness

HoardersImage via Wikipedia

I watch Hoarders.  

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Drama Llama - How To Be Drama Free?!

Did you ever notice a pattern is the drama surrounding you at WORK -- at HOME -- or even ONLINE?  *shameful look*  Um, yes. /shameful look  

Did you ever notice it might have something to do with... you?  It often does.  So?  What to do about it?

How to be DRAMA FREE!  Start with yourself.  
via -

(Gulp.  This hurts.)

Blame Game

It’s easy to blame drama on others.  After all, you’re the good guy in these dynamics; why don’t they get it?  

One of the most difficult challenges for aspiring leaders is to “own their stuff”—to acknowledge that they are equally responsible for creating any situation where drama exists.

Four Energy-draining Personalities

Most drama is caused by four primary energy-draining personalities that sabotage workplace collaboration and synergy:

  • Complainer -- The Complainer is the one who is never at fault – not enough time, resources or support. 
  • Controller -- The Controller has to be in charge – perhaps micromanaging, sometimes being the bully. 
  • Cynic -- The Cynic must be right; often pointing out how others’ ideas will never work and making fun of the person who brought it up.
  • Caretaker -- The Caretaker wants to be liked so much that they say yes to everything, which becomes a problem when they bite off more than they can chew and they miss deadlines.

(Which one are YOU?  I am a mix of all of them, but mainly Cynical -- I pick everything apart.  Mr.  MM is a Controller/Complainer.  Unfortunately.  This is a fail on my part -- I'm working on it. -MM)

 How do I help others change? But, we have found that before you can guide others, you have to take inventory of your interaction strengths and the ways you sabotage relationships. The strength inventory is usually easy. It’s fun to appreciate your talent and amazing ability to do what you do. The sabotage inventory is more difficult. It requires the vulnerability and courage to seek others’ candid observations and advice about your behavior.

Watch Yourself

Taking my own advice, I asked myself what my part was in creating the drama. I wondered which Drama personalities I was using that were sabotaging us. I noticed how I had fallen into Complainer. I didn’t have enough time to do everything he asked and his requests were too hard. I realized that I would have micromanaged someone acting the way I was. Then I saw my Cynic. The enthusiasm I had at the beginning of the project had become critical… I saw everything wrong with what we were doing, but didn’t offer any suggestions to change. Once I saw myself in these drama roles, I could shift into taking responsibility – renegotiating our deadlines and making suggestions for how we could change the writing to be better.

By identifying and correcting the four drama roles (Complainer, Controller, Cynic, Caretaker), you are well on your way to eliminating drama. If you want even more clarity, invite your work colleagues, family members, and friends to give you timely, direct feedback.

Quick Drama Reducing Tips

Here is a quick way to start looking at how these drama roles show up for you.  Ask friends and coworkers (or others!):

  • Where do you see me complaining? Not taking responsibility for my situation?
  • Where do you see me controlling? Taking over and micromanaging?
  • Where do you see be being cynical? Discounting others or being sarcastic?
  • Where do you seem me care-taking? Rescuing others instead of letting them do things on their own?

Okay.  Maybe it will take some time.  Don't attack me with all of them at once.  LOL.

via -

Need reminders?  I do.

Here's a nifty list from Drama-Stoppers - LIVING DRAMA FREE

  • 1) Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • 2) Keep what’s most important, MOST important... good relationships with family and friends matter MORE than material things.
  • 3) Be CAREFUL what you say. Cussing and foul language is mean and nasty.  (I uh...well.)
  • 4) No matter how old you are, listen and obey your mom and dad. Show them the RESPECT they deserve.  (Fine.  *pout*)
  • 5) Don’t fight/bully people. Violence is NEVER the answer.
  • 6) Stay TRUE. Be a person who keeps your word. Don’t cheat on the people you’ve made a COMMITMENT to.
  • 7) Stealing isn’t cool. If it doesn’t BELONG to you, don’t take it. If it doesn't BELONG to you and you find it, turn it in.
  • 8) Lying and gossiping will get you NOWHERE. Be CAREFUL what you say...
  • 9) Don’t be a HATER. Be HAPPY with what YOU have.
  • 10) Get enough rest so that your tiredness doesn’t EFFECT your mood and judgment.


Did you have WLS to LOOK AMAZING?

Reposting an old post...

To stand still on the summit of perfection is difficult, and in the natural course of things, what cannot go forward - slips back.   Gaius V. Paterculus

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A few of you have asked how you could "help out."   I stutter.  I really don't know.

I need a fairy -- who can drive.

While I wish you had magic powers and could help me drive a big ass Dodge 1500 again, but in reality what I need right now is to furnish an apartment with household goods, furniture and whatnot, and the delivery fairies have to do much of it.  (I won't be driving anytime soon -- 365 days again.  I had a seizure today, and two more since this post... after what might have been a month without one.)

Picture 55

I have a random wish list on Amazon as well.  I am furnishing a three BR unit, for myself, and four children part time, so we will need all sorts of things, I can't get it all at once.  I was able to get some basic furniture -- but I still need a million things and it's going to be a process.

Feel free to shoot me now.



Screen shot 2011-08-13 at 2.10.41 PM

Just what I needed. see this morning.  

I had to read the text three times before I realized what it was explaining, but, this is Very Good Advice For A Weight Loss Surgery Post Op.  If you're a pre op, get used to it.  (I'm still laughing.) 

Epic fail photos - M thru F: Oh Sweet Release
I'm not sure *I personally would be able to do this special procedure on the floor of Boston International Airport, but, you could try?

Thanks, FailBlog.

Tick ed off, deer.

"Improper removal of ticks greatly increases the risk of acquiring tick-borne infections. Squeezing the tick or putting substances on the tick to try to make it "back out" may aggravate it enough that it injects into you whatever disease organisms are inside it."

• Do not burn or use any substance on tick
• Do not grasp, squeeze, or twist body of tick
• Grasp tick close to the skin with tweezers
• Pull tick straight out
• Use antiseptic on skin
• Disinfect tweezers
• Wash hands thoroughly
• Always see a physician for possible diagnosis, testing, and treatment
• If desired, can save tick to be tested at tick testing laboratory


Why am I giving you a PSA regarding these little critters?  

It could be that I just got out of BED and had a tick stuck to my thigh nom-nom-nomming on my extra skin.  She/he didn't get embedded into my flesh, but I assumed she/he was, so I calmly went to look for tweezers and alcohol and to Not Scream.

Now, this is not surprising.  I live sort of in the woods.  But, the fact that it was nomming on me, the least likely person in the house to acquire a tick, in my bed, makes it more obvious that we need to check for them.  And, yesterday, when I spent much of the time indoors at appointments; the only time I was near the grass or wildlife was in a lawn chair on my porch sitting in the sun for a half hour.  

Index The obvious offender/host is the Family Dog.  My dog has had ticks aplenty, but she is not allowed in my room at ALL.  If this little blood sucker was in my bed, it either came to bed in my pants, (thanks!) or in my four year old's hair and found me.


Getting a tick-sick would be awesome right now.  No, no it wouldn't.  I will assume I'm good since the damn thing did not dig into me, but here is your PSA just as well as mine, CHECK YOUR HEAD, your dog, your house.