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Late bloomer, types in her underwear.

I was a late bloomer in terms of the internet and computing.   I did not realize the net's existence and true reach until years after most of my peers, and once I did I never really utilized it for what it was worth.  Now, before anything else each day, okay maybe after the coffee is made, I fire up the iMac and connect to the internet. 

The Lady MacBeth (yes I have actually named her) serves as my newspaper, I do not subscribe to any papers, she serves as my television, I do not really ever watch typical television, I can catch what I want online.  The internet serves many times as my telephone, I can instant message and chat on demand.  Most importantly at this stage in my life, the computer is my employer, and the best part, she's a great boss and I can come to work in my underwear.

The internet serves as our "mailbox," we have cut our influx of paper mail way down by going entirely to electronic payments and eStatements for every bill that offers it.  We don't order many items via catalog, so the huge rush of fall and winter catalog waste has cut way down.

What about you?  What piece of technology inspires you on a daily basis?  How has it changed the way you live? When do you use it most often?




feed you, and an apology.

I don't know if it effected any of you out there in feed-burned land, but... I am afraid it did... about half of you just dropped off of the face of the planet. 

I swapped my feed to Google to and I lost about 150-200 subscribers somehow.  So, if you're not being "fed,"  I am sorry if I broke the link somehow.  Google gave me directions on re-directing, but I don't understand the pointing.

If you want to re-subscribe, here's a link.  I don't know if it will work, but it might make me feel better.

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Can you hear me running?

Is this thing on?!  Are you out there?! 

My page loads dropped by half.  I noticed that.  So, I know you don't see me.  Now is the time to do something REALLY inappropriate.  :)


Something BROKE again.  I am getting those emails again.

"What happened to your page?  It's not loading at all?  Are you okay?" 

I guess those of you with IE cannot SEE the web page.  I thought I broke the internet because I tried to change my design.  When this happens, I am supposed to go through and delete anything that is extra, any and all added code, until the site loads again.


(I am very sorry Typepad. I HATE THIS DESIGN.  I HATE ALL OF THE DESIGNS THAT ARE AVAILABLE.  I could pay someone to make me a design, I know.)

I want to design my own, but, I don't have the skills.  I could totally show you on paper though.  My main problem?  The page allotted is not W I D E enough for what I want.  You can see this, as my columns are cut off, and everything is fighting for the top spot.

What do I want?

I want a CLEANER LOOKING PAGE that includes?

MY newest posts featured, with enough space for a wide photo, and column sidebars that do not cut off my ad space.  When I see a page that is really nicely set up, I say, "THAT'S IT!  THAT IS WHAT I NEED!"  But, I am not sure how to get it, so I poke around, and it's usually a professional design, (or a designer behind it) that I am finding. 

What I do not like, are the obviously you're a free blog look that we have got going on here, even though I am paying to write to you, silly girl I am.

I guess this is to say I am sorry for breaking the internet, again, I just want an aesthetic page, and this ain't it.  I made business cards, and I have colors to match, and ... UGH.

Likelihood of my gender.

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 100%  (Wow.)
Likelihood of you being MALE is 0%

The only problem with this?  My kids have been on my computer - and my history shows this (Hi iCarly and Club Penguin!)  And, my husband was just online this morning on my browser, doing his regime of banking/schoolwork/AOL email and looking up movie times.

Site Male-Female Ratio

SOS! I broke the internet again?

HELP.  Okay.  People of the internet.  Here's the scoop.  You know I .net'ed myself.  With help from you guys, I simply added the name to my existing account, which should not cause any changes to my blog, right?  I didn't change anything.  Everything is still AT Typepad - the name just changed.

But -  I have had trouble loading the site - some of you cannot see it - some of you are getting error messages - and it's been a big pain in the ass - specifically since about Friday - but almost a week for many people.  My traffic has dropped by about HALF because of this. 

I saw it happen, but I wasn't really paying attention.  I was sidetracked by the sweat dripping down the back of my neck, and I was a bitch because of something I can't yet blog about.  (It's in the drafts.)

What gives?!  Anyone?

  • I've deleted nearly all of my extraneous ad business, scripted goobledygook and whatnot.   (Those ARE technical terms you know.)
  • I've asked those of you who e-mailed me to say you actually miss my (aww) blog, to go get Mozilla, because, the blog loads on Mozilla, at least most of the time, without fail.

Enough of this - would be enough to make me quit trying.  This is what my BRAIN feels like.
The connection was reset.
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
*   The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
*   If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
*   If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.




I know you guys know that I am technologically impaired. 

I have issues with things that require any sort of figuring out, and with the lack of brain-power a hypoglycemic on Topamax has, please don't laugh at me.  I have an iPod, I've had it for months.  Mr. MM bought it for me when he went to play with iPhones thinking he might want one and thought better of it.

I don't know how to use the damn thing.  I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to:

  • A)  Make a playlist with suitable walking music so that I stop flipping songs mid-stride, because it's an iPod touch and that's tricky.
  • B)  Download an audiobook because I have two gift-cards to use and that would be a really good way to spend them.
  • C) Subscribe to and listen to podcasts whilst walking, because, my feet are on fire from the Topamax and I am going to kill someone if I don't walk to China soon.

New Blog Design is From Everyday Mommy!

I've been asked five bajillionty times, "Did you make that?  Where can I get one?"  Also, because I am using the wee cartoon head as my avatar at Google Talk (talk to me! SN = meltingmamamelted) MySpace, Quixotic WLS + At Obesity Help (where I'm currently a banned member - but All Of My Posts remain intact!)  Well, I'm not that talented, I can barely sign my name!  I got the blog masthead and new avatar (that really scares me because it does look like me, and is motivating, 'cuz I can't grow another chin) from Everyday Mommy.  Go see her to make YOU a new blog design.  I am a picklehead, and will probably have her make me ANOTHER one within three months, because, I'm like that.  I will be a repeat customer.  So, go see Jules at Everyday Mommy + Everyday Design and tell her "Melting Mama" sent you. 

fruity cheerios.


Fruity Cheerios. 

You know the commercials - I dance when they come on, "happiness runs, happiness runs..."

From Modern Mom, a contest.  I'm hoping creativity hits me, like NOW, 'cos this contest ends Friday!  So, are you creative - do it.

I have not one, but two boxes of the rainbow-styled O's in front of my computer.  I have the urge to make necklaces... wait...

I sat my daughter down with the O's and asked her to do something creative.  She says, "Mom, I can't, they're too good, I don't want to waste them."  That, there would have been a great commercial.  :sigh:

Anyhow - you should do it:

We know new Fruity Cheerios cereal is fun, so Modern Mom and Fruity Cheerios have partnered to bring you the chance to win some fabulous prizes just for showing us how Fruity Cheerios contributes to fun in your family! The Fruity Cheerios "Family Fun" contest encourages families to capture how Fruity Cheerios contributes to family fun by creating a picture or video inspired by Fruity Cheerios and featuring family members.

Modern Mom visitors will vote for their favorite entry in each category June 8th through June 16th, and the Grand Prize winner in each will win a case of Fruity Cheerios (YUM!) and $500 in cash

So get creative and get your entries in before May 18th! Get in on the fun!

Entry submissions:

Photo Entries: Photo entries must be sent to [email protected] with the Subject line: Fruity Cheerios Family Fun entry by 5pm PT on Friday, May 18, 2007. Finalists will be notified on or about May 25th.

Video Entries: Video entries must be uploaded via Brightcove using this page no later than 5pm PT on Friday, May 18th, 2007. Finalists will be notified on or about May 25th.

For complete rules, entry and guidelines, click here.

Helpful me.

How can you get hot, steaming, fresh MM delivered to you daily, sometimes even several times a day?  (Get Your Mind Out Of That Place.  Now.)  Well, all youse gotta do is CLICK on "Subscribe To Melting Mama By Email" link over there in the right sidebar. 

I note that so many of you use Google Search to find the blog via "Melting Mama."  That's fine - but sometimes the results are whacked.  I don't want for you to get directed to unintentional p@rn.  (It happens.  At my previous blog, a simple misspelling of "blogspot" sent you to a Evangelical Bible Link!)

So, in other statistic news - in perusing the keyword searches, I find some of you looking for me by first and last name again.  Do we have something to talk about?  Have I applied for work with you?  Do you know me?  Are we related?  (To clarify - these are different people or maybe the same crack heads in a different location - I don't know.)   Please just email me, searching that way is way creepy, seeing as I don't use my name unless it's something I have to - for employment or payment purposes.  So, Who Are You - And What Do You Want?  What are you looking for - just ask!

The truth comes out. I really am an old man.

I submitted three photos to this celebrity lookalike generator.  The first two times, I was Daniel Radcliffe.  I added THIS BAD photo (hahahaha!) and got the best results.  Figures!

I did it again, because I can't stand the look on my face.  I used a more normal expression:

There - it means nothing, but the angle of your photo.  So, I tried me, right now, messy, bedhead, no makeup?  Again, I'm an old man, and more.


Back when I had my finger on the "delete blog" button, I messed up the feed for this page.  I realized this because I keep noticing that people are entering the site from the post I made on the day I tried to break the blog in January.  (I was going stealth, was.)  Oops.  I guess if you're reading via web-reader, you need to update it, because the old feed is dead.

New Baby.

She's big, beautiful and I could really use a manual. I'm sure something came with it - but - of course I don't want to look for it. She's got bells and whistles, and I want to know how to use them. So, wanna see a photo of our new baby? I've been avoiding bonding with her, because she's different than our other babies, and frankly, weird. First off, I want to know: The camera. Can I use it to make You Tube-type movies? It comes on for iChat, but I am unlikely to use it that way - I want to record when I want to record. Anyone?

My connection tic.

We're swapping internet service providers.  After bouncing around in several computer stores this week, I realized, our town isn't listed as an served community by our ISP.  As they explained to Bob, "you're at the end of the service"  which translates to - "you get poopty connection and service, but pay the same price for it."  If this doesn't cure my lack of connection, I am moving.  Now, there's an excuse to sell the house!

K-Mart wants to help you lose weight? What?

"We Lost the Weight, Now It's Your Turn! Join thousands of other weight loss warriors in our New Day Your Way challenge. We provide you with the motivation, support, and incentives to make your goals come true."

Okay, that's cool, but this is from K-Mart.  You know when I saw it I immediately thought it was Kelloggs' Special K doing the promotion.  But, whatever, it's K-Mart.  One positive, you'll never see Wal-Mart doing something like this, because they want America to be obese, it's profitable.  (Have you noticed the scooter stores?!)

How you happened on the blog today.

"make women moan"

Here's how:  Come home from work early.  Better yet, take a mental health day!  First,  slowly clean the bathroom, paying strict attention to the tub and shower walls which need manual scrubbing and lots of bending over to do so.  Then, make your way to the kitchen, where you get on all fours and wash the floor by hand.   Continue to do menial tasks all around the house until your woman feels nesting is complete, clean yourself up, kick back - relax - give your wife a back massage until she moans, "Thank You."

That's my suggestion.  Hey, it works.

I've figured it out.

Dsc_02291 Dsc_0192 Dsc_02011 Dsc_00871 Dsc_0100 Dsc_0097 Dsc_0256 Dsc_02281

I've had an epiphany.  Vacation = more bonding & time than anyone needs.  We never spend this much time together in one spot, ever, even if we were at home on vacation.  That, and the fact that Everything Costs Money.  Bob had put a budget on this week - I want to say it was $100 a day per day for "activities."  Well, that was blown out of the water on the first day, and we're really not doing jack.  I am blown away by the amount of cash some folks drop in this place.  I met a Dad of four or five kids the day before yesterday in line while making reservations for a dinner show (which cost us $50.00 for cold pizza)  He went into detail about how he asks his brood to save up all their change all year long for this camping trip - and Daddy will match the funds.  This year - the kids saved a bundle - to the tune of like $600 each - and he matched it times four or five.  This was just for their personal spending money, for weenies, arcade, etc.  We told our kids they were limited to $10.00 a day.  That's it.  (Of course, that was for them to buy something special, or to go to the arcade, or something extra, not counting normal meals or anything like that.)  Let me tell you - that doesn't fly here.  Everything costs.  I took the kids to go to a Free Craft this morning - which included - a Foam Plate, Glue, and Foam Bits to stick on the plate.  By the time we got here (about five minutes into the session) all of the bits of foam were gone aside from a few choice dinosaurs and some random stars in orange and red.  The kids ask me what they're supposed to make with "this?!"  We make decorated meat plates, why?  I don't know.  But, conveniently located next to this Free Craft?  An Arts and Crafts Session with a hired artist where you can choose to paint ceramics or wood of your choice, or make a tye-dye tee shirt!  I snuck the oldest to paint ceramics since the other two got involved in watching a puppet show nearby.  The ceramic that she really wanted was $35.00, but after seeing that I had only a $20.00 bill on me, she caved for a small bunny that she could paint as a gift for her new baby cousin coming very soon.  We sat and painted this bunny, when she noted that the ear had been re-attached with superglue.  I brought this to the attention of the woman in charge of the painting, and she assured me that this bunny wouldn't lose his ear again, and that the paint would cover the *obvious* crack.  Um, okay.  I asked to switch, and she says "no."  We paint the bunny, he breaks... this woman reglues the ear, blaming the break basically on my child.  I'm not in the mood to argue especially in front of the kid who's already upset that this gift is already broken, so we finish the $10 dollar broken bunny.  He is sorta cute - but... he's a broken bunny. 

Blog broked, come see me over there.

I'm still having issues logging in at this blog - I can't log in from the Mozilla side at all - so I'm here from the IE side.  Bizarre.  Typepad broke entirely yesterday, but I thought it was just my personal broken internet problem here on my computer.  Oh well.  Again, if I disappear from the blog, that's why - because I'm locked out!  I'm still here: and now, also at the message board link up on the right hand sidebar. 

Visit me - in both places!  Go on, I won't bite.  Much. I might pinch. I'm a little crabby. DSC_0083

Technical difficulties.

Just in case - I've been having mega issues signing on to Typepad for the blog.  I've sent out a couple of help tickets - but since I just got on, I figured I'd drop a line regarding my absence, if I disappeared.